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Iceland vegan range

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HandsOffMyRights Sat 11-May-19 15:56:44

Just had one of the melt in the middle chocolate puds (£2 for 2)

Bought two vegan pizzas £2 each, 2 types - if they're anywhere near as nice as the puds are, I'm on to a winner. The only vegan pizza I currently like is the M&S one and it's small and pricey.

Has anyone else tried the Iceland range? Vegan convenience food can be expensive (hell, even a jar of pesto is £2.50 compared to the same non vegan jar, which is £1), so excited about this as my new weekend treats.

kikisparks Sat 11-May-19 15:59:19

I’ve tried a bit of the range but I’m desperate to try those chocolate puddings how were they?

threesenoughthanks Sat 11-May-19 16:00:46

Dh is veggie not vegan but LOVES their no bull burgers. Didn't like the veggie ball things though.

HandsOffMyRights Sat 11-May-19 16:23:32

The pudding was delicious! Really chocolately, gooey and satisfying.

I miss puddings, milk chocolate and this did the trick.

I also recommend Asda's vegan chocolate cupcakes.

ppeatfruit Sun 12-May-19 09:57:26

HandsOff One of the best vegan milk chocolates is the Moo Free original bar which is delicious, not as sugary as the first one they bought out in England. A bit pricey but worth it.

kikisparks Sun 12-May-19 12:06:46

Have you tried the pizzas yet? I want to get the humous one.

sanmiguel Tue 14-May-19 21:38:11

@HandsOffMyRights another one wondering about the pizzas?😜

HandsOffMyRights Wed 15-May-19 16:31:16

Thanks for the tips re the Moo chocolate!

Right, pizzas (sorry it took me a while but I wanted to try both)

The garden vegetable one was very nice indeed. I will definitely buy two of these for the price of one small M&S vegan Pizza. The base was crispy too.

The hoummous one not so nice sadly. It just felt too much to have what felt like the whole base covered in hoummous (and I love the stuff even if I can't spell it shock).

ppeatfruit Wed 15-May-19 16:38:41

Ooh talking about M&S I bought a lovely vegan chocolate bar there. as well. I asked a member of staff if they did one and I was very surpised that they DO !!

Houmous makes my belly bloat! It's in every effing thing too !!!! I like white bean dip though.

Villanellesproudmum Wed 15-May-19 16:40:20

I like the Goodfellow falafel pizza, have you tried that?

HandsOffMyRights Thu 16-May-19 21:52:49

I'll try the M&S chocolate bar then.

Still not tried the Falafel pizza still as I couldn't find it in Morrisons.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Thu 16-May-19 21:54:41

I think pizza express do a vegan one these days.

AnneLovesGilbert Thu 16-May-19 21:57:24

Another vote for No Bull burgers, exceptional things. I like the plain best, DH likes the pulled pork style ones, we both liked the Asian burgers but not as much as the others. The meatballs were nice, bit soft but lovely taste and alright texture.

daisyboocantoo Thu 16-May-19 22:06:25

So jealous. When I go to the UK, zig I wild. Not so much choice where I live

lastqueenofscotland Fri 17-May-19 07:27:38

I don’t like the Moo chocolate at all confused

The best chocolate bar I’ve had was one called Veganz but it’s German and £££££ to get over here

ppeatfruit Sat 18-May-19 08:30:51

Even their new Original bar lastqueen ?

Stylemebabyonemoretime Sat 18-May-19 08:33:27

Ooh, I will have to have a look. I’m not vegan but my DD is dairy free and we don’t really eat meat.

ppeatfruit Sat 18-May-19 08:35:14

There are some nice French vegan chocolate bars too. I'll check the name today. Not expensive. I prefer good quality to cheapness anyway. It' makes me eat less and enjoy it more grin

HandsOffMyRights Sat 18-May-19 09:37:03

I'm really missing 'milk' chocolate so any tips are welcomed.
Will visit Iceland again today for supplies.
Not tried the burgers as I never liked the taste of meat, so don't crave that.

ppeatfruit Sat 18-May-19 09:41:58

Did you try Moo Free Original bar Handsoff ? That's very nice, not too sugary like the first ones they sold in Eng.

You can make your own with the cocoa butter and cocoa plus whatever plant milk you like.

Have you looked in the Health Food shops? there's a great selection, Plamil make the most amazing WHITE chocolate vegan bar !

BuckingFrolics Sat 18-May-19 09:42:06

Alpro (sp?) soya chocolate puddings. OMG. Available in Lidl. I go specially to stock up.

Bubblysqueak Sat 18-May-19 09:51:05

Asda to amazing vegan pizza at their pizza counter. You need to ask for the vegi supreme with vegan cheese (they've only just started doing it so don't advertise it at the moment)

HandsOffMyRights Sat 18-May-19 09:52:01

The only milk chocolate I have tried is Tesco vegan chocolate buttons. They tasted how I imagine doggy chocco drops taste! Where do I get the Moo Bars?

Yes to the Alpro Soya Choc puddings (milk and dark) they are delicious - and the Iceland choc puds.

HandsOffMyRights Sat 18-May-19 09:53:04

Thanks Bubbly will try Asda.
In terms of takeaway pizza has anyone tried a vegan one (I think Domino's do one)

runsmidgeOMG Sat 18-May-19 09:55:19

I miss read and thought you'd written "Iceland vegan RAGE" 😂😂
I was expecting it to be awful or someone angry....

Back to the thread, these all sound delish!

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