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Vegan road trip

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muddledmidget Tue 19-Mar-19 09:14:19


I wondered if I could pick your brains. My husband and I are going away for a couple of months this summer driving through Europe in our little car. My husband is a vegan and I'm starting to think about the things I'll need to take. We're mostly staying in hotels with just a fridge or small apartments with limited cooking facilities i.e. 2 rings and a kettle. Can you give me any ideas of things I can take with us that will make life easier or things we can eat

So far my 'kitchen box' has

Plate bowl and travel mug each
Sharp knife
Veg peeler
Tin opener
Cork screw
Washing up liquid, dishcloth and t towel
European kettle
Cafetière (my essential!)

I'm thinking with this, lots of bread and salad (with cheese for me and hummus for him)

I'm not sure what food to take with us for 2 days of driving through France

So far have got nuts, fruit, couscous sachets and cereal bars

Can anyone add anything or give me any pointers/essentials I have missed. We're primarily in Italy and Greece and will probably be eating out cheaply once a day but two meals will be self catered

Backseatonthebus Tue 19-Mar-19 09:33:49

The supermarkets in France are well stocked for vegans these days - our local one has a whole vegan section - I can't see there would be a need to take much food with you. Am sure you'll be inspired by what you find in the shops and local markets.

Similarly in Italy and Greece, even the smaller food shops will have plenty of fresh produce you can eat as a vegan. As a vegetarian, I've eaten food that would be suitable for vegans pretty easily in both of those countries.

cushioncovers Sat 23-Mar-19 14:38:22

Tinned long life vegan pate is good. Holland Barrett do several.

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