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PurpleDaisies Wed 06-Mar-19 18:22:46

Anyone recommend an alternative to Aussie? My hair gets greasy and most of the supermarket shampoos seem to be for dry hair.

sleepismysuperpower1 Wed 06-Mar-19 19:17:50

mane and tail shampoo and conditioner works for me x

Disfordarkchocolate Wed 06-Mar-19 19:19:06

Friendly Soap Company shampoo bars.

kikisparks Sun 17-Mar-19 08:47:52

I use Superdrug’s own they have a few different types think all are marked vegan.

BiscuitDrama Sun 17-Mar-19 08:49:37

Most of the ones on here are Vegan

Faith in Nature is good and surprisingly cheap. There is also a lovely lemon Avalon one which is good for greasy hair.

eastereggtime Sun 17-Mar-19 09:07:05

Agree with faith in nature but I prefer Suma shampoos, they are amazing !

They sell them on amazon but I get them in a great health food shop.

BiscuitDrama Sun 17-Mar-19 13:43:51

Ooh haven’t seen those, I’ll have a look out. Always like another to add to my collection!

Gersin Sun 17-Mar-19 17:33:00

Maria Nila is lovely, it’s not the cheapest but lasts ages.

NearlyVegan Thu 21-Mar-19 14:30:25

Check out funky soap no plastic waste and the rhasoul clay one is brilliant for my super greasy hair and it smells amazing

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