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Super quick lunches

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Electrocute1980 Sun 17-Feb-19 12:04:30

Hey guys, looking for your super quick nutritious lunch ideas please! Breakfasts/dinners are no problem but I need quick things I can throw together and eat while toddler is napping at lunchtime grin

Rotating the following at the moment

Nut butter/banana sandwiches

Beans on toast with nutritional yeast flakes

Lentil soup

Wrap with hummus, grated carrot, baby spinach and beetroot

Chickpea salad sandwich (mashed chickpeas, vegan mayo, Dijon mustard, onion powder, garlic powder and chopped red pepper - amazing!)

Hit me up with your lunches please!

DonPablo Sun 17-Feb-19 12:19:51

Pouch of puy lentils, sundried tomatoes (chopped if big) all plonked on top of leaves.

Theyalwaysfalloutoflovewithme Sun 17-Feb-19 15:15:10

Tofu scramble? Fry onions, cumin seeds for a minute then crumble in tofu (silken for very soft scrambled egg texture if you want) chilli flakes, curry powder and turmeric to taste. Takes about 5/10 minutes. Serve in a wrap with lime pickle and crunchy lettuce

Pitta bread spread with tomato purée, loaded with veg and bit of vegan cheese in the oven for ten minutes

ppeatfruit Thu 28-Feb-19 11:53:12

Homemade onion soup with yeast flakes and own veg stock. with spelt toast and olive oil, not spread .

White bean dip , just whiz up a tin of beans , a little raw onion, garlic, olive oil and some water (I hate houmous it blows me out) with quinoa crackers and salad.

cushioncovers Thu 14-Mar-19 19:52:28

Microwave Jacket potato and tinned veg chilli with vegan cheese on top. Takes about 6-8 mins from start to finish to prep.

Pitta bread in the toaster then chuck hummus and salad in it.

kikisparks Sun 17-Mar-19 08:11:18

Pasta, I usually make the night before and microwave for my lunch, mixed with Lloyd’s gross man sauce and tinned lentils (I like to add a bit of vegan cheese too).

LimeKiwi Sat 15-Jun-19 21:25:34

Cous cous - dead easy if you've access to a kettle.
Boiling water over, then while you're leaving it for ten minutes, chop and add vegetables.
I love spring onions, red peppers, cucumbers in mine.

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