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Vegan recipes without tinned tomatoes

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grumiosmum Sat 26-Jan-19 20:26:04

Have been trying to cook more vegan family meals, but I think everyone's getting tired of the pulses/tinned tomatoes combination.

Would love some more inspiration!


RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sat 26-Jan-19 20:28:06

Vegetable curries using coconut milk?

Have you got The Green Roasting tin? Some good vegan recipes in there.

Shazafied Sat 26-Jan-19 20:32:57

Vegan mushroom stroganoff made with cashew cream


Nut quorn

Vegan quorn pieces made into fajitas

Buddha bowls

Lemon and parsley pasta with fried shiitake mushrooms

Thai curries

Tofu or nut or quorn stir fries

Veggie haggis plus trimmings

Soya mince shepherds pie

Vegan sausages with colcannon

Falafel wraps

Pies or puff pastry parcels with mushroom and white wine sauce

Cauliflower cheese with vegan bechamel

Shazafied Sat 26-Jan-19 20:34:13

Nut quorn = nut roast

Also, pasta with vegan pesto from a jar

SlinkyDinkyDoo Sat 26-Jan-19 20:36:37

Bean burgers.
Stuffed peppers (rice with mushrooms/sweetcorn)
Guacamole with tortilla chips, refried beans, pepper strips

Beaverhausen Sat 26-Jan-19 20:36:42

Have you tried pinterest?

grumiosmum Sun 27-Jan-19 10:35:41

Thanks for the suggestions. Should have said, not keen on quorn or other processed substitutes.

I make a mean coconut milk curry already, but can't do that more than once or twice a week!

MaudebeGonne Sun 27-Jan-19 10:39:16

Marinated tofu wraps, veggie pakoras, roasted veggies with seed and nut crumble.

AwkwardSquad Sun 27-Jan-19 10:40:38

Try Anna Jones or Meera Sodha - you can find quite a few recipes in Guardian Food.

One of our current favourites is Anna Jones’ veggie burgers - delicious, particularly with her recipe for skinny sweet potato fries.

TheFaerieQueene Sun 27-Jan-19 10:42:51

I made miso glazed aubergine last night - there are lots of online recipes. It was lovely.

Constantsarechanging Sun 27-Jan-19 10:49:50

Stir frys, add be cashed or tofu of you want added protein.
Daal/chickpea curry..
Falafel, hummus, avocado in wraps or as burgers
Baked potatoes..
Lentil stew/ lentil sausage rolls
Mousakka and lasagne can be done vegan..

Constantsarechanging Sun 27-Jan-19 10:50:23

*add cashews

dangermouseisace Mon 28-Jan-19 12:26:39

Tofu tikka kebabs (find a chicken tikka kebab recipe and adapt it)
Pies or Pasties.
Sausage and mash.
Mushroom risotto
Marinated tofu cooked like a cutlet.
Pasta and pesto
Mushroom stroganoff

Skyejuly Mon 18-Feb-19 13:55:34

Sri Lankan curry

PCohle Mon 18-Feb-19 14:09:04

Burrito bowls
Stir fry
Red dragon shepherd's pie
Pasta with pesto
Falafel burgers
Ramen with tofu
Sainsbury's shroomdogs are nice
Sweet potato kebabs

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