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Environmentally sustainable dairy alternatives?

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Victoriapestis Thu 17-Jan-19 21:16:42

Having recently watched ‘Cowspiracy’ I’m finding it difficult to justify continuing to eat dairy products. In terms of milk substitutes, what is the most environmentally friendly option? Am I right in thinking almond milk is not at all good in this respect?

Olivecake Thu 17-Jan-19 21:20:50

Soy and oat are the most sustainable. Almond uses more water compared to oat for example, but it still has a much lower environmental impact than dairy milk so in that sense it’s still the better option smile

Victoriapestis Thu 17-Jan-19 21:23:07

That’s great, thanks very much.

cushioncovers Fri 18-Jan-19 14:41:11

I believe oat milk is one of the better ones. That's what we have.

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