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Indian takeaway

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Steala Tue 08-Jan-19 09:28:54

I've been vegetarian since 1991 but I'm trying Veganuary for the first time. DH wants a takeaway curry this weekend. I've checked the menu and there's no indication whether my usual veggie options contain butter. Obviously, I know to avoid paneer and, I guess, naan, but dahl, vegetable curries? Can anyone suggest what might be safe options?

sackrifice Tue 08-Jan-19 09:29:49

Call and ask them?

MrsRubyMonday Tue 08-Jan-19 09:33:32

My wife is vegan and normally had the dahl from our local Indian and one of their bread options is ok, we phoned and spoke to them before ordering the first time so she knows what is suitable. Every takeaway will use different recipes so you can't assume that because one restaurant doesn't use ghee on their naan that all naan will be ok, so it's always best to check. Lots of Indian dishes tend to be vegan as standard though and we've always found the chefs accomodating once they know what you're looking for.

DippyAvocado Tue 08-Jan-19 09:35:12

A lot will contain ghee - clarified butter.

JollyAndBright Tue 08-Jan-19 09:43:47

Be very careful, most Indian take away use ghee in pretty much everything and a lot will lie about being vegan safe if asked.

I speak from bitter experience (four trips to a&e over the years because of it)

I now avoid pretty much all Indian takeaways except one that I know for definite is safe.

Babdoc Tue 08-Jan-19 09:47:57

You could make your own, OP. It would be way cheaper and far nicer! There are loads of online recipes. I enjoy blending spices for home made curries - I chuck in a different selection every time, so never have the same meal twice. That way you can be certain it’s vegan and can have exactly what you fancy.

Steala Wed 09-Jan-19 07:28:39

You're right. I'll cook my own and then I'll know.

choppolata Thu 10-Jan-19 21:05:37

Most restaurants I know use oil to save on cost - ghee is expensive.

Olivecake Sat 12-Jan-19 11:50:27

My local indian have a list upon request which shows which have allergens like dairy and gluten etc, so definitely worth asking in case yours does? Mine does an amazing vegan Chana masala and also tandoori bread that’s vegan, as well as Bombay potatoes, boiled rice etc.

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