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What can I eat that will make me feel full?

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Scifi101 Wed 02-Jan-19 16:09:10

I'm a low carb vegetarian who is doing veganuary.

It's only day two and I'm hungry. What I liked about low carb was that it wasn't calorie counting, restricted portions etc.

However I know how cruel dairy is so what can I eat and still lose weight? (Stone and a half to go).

Applepudding2018 Wed 02-Jan-19 20:49:41

Are you planning to eat beans / lentils? These are far free and filling but have a certain amount of carbohydrate.

So you could have vegetable casserole with low carb veg but you would need to add some kind of beans/ lentils as protein.

The only low carb vegan protein source I can think of is nuts and although really good gif you in moderation you aren't going to lose weight filling up on them .

lljkk Mon 07-Jan-19 05:03:06

tofu! I love it, and Sainsbury's sells a few different sorts.
soy milks & almond milks if you can find an unsweetened one might be low carbish

Prettyvase Mon 07-Jan-19 05:11:31

Start off every meal with a hearty soup: onions, carrots, parsnips, spinach, lentils, mushrooms etc with a good vegan stock or Marmite, miso.

Also bake your own bread so you can add lots of seeds :sunflower, pumpkin, flax, chia, soya, oats, chopped nuts like hazel, walnuts, almonds etc having just a slice or 2 will give you a nutritional boost and it will stave off any carb cravings.

coragreta Mon 07-Jan-19 05:25:29

Tbh I think this dangerous. Being a vegan and not eating fruit and limited veg sounds far too restrictive.

mrbob Mon 07-Jan-19 05:28:18

Tofu with lots of yummy sauces. High protein bowl with chia seeds, hemp and flax with peanut butter. BIG salads with dressings. Cauliflower fried rice. Stir fry....

That is what I have found so far

mrbob Mon 07-Jan-19 05:29:15

And I am not sure it is dangerous- I am eating a heap of wide ranging veggies and a lot more healthy stuff than previously even as a vegan

kikisparks Mon 07-Jan-19 07:51:46

Have you tried seitan? It’s not low carb but has a good carb to protein ratio.

Thewerera66it Mon 07-Jan-19 08:01:40

I know you said that you didn't want to eat them as they are high in fat but they are very filling. To be honest, if you are vegan you are likely to be eating a relatively low calorie diet as it is and so you can afford to eat nuts. and they are packed full of essential nutrients.

kikisparks Mon 07-Jan-19 08:16:53

This might help

Fantail Sat 19-Jan-19 05:11:12

Fat. Fat will make you feel full (and you don’t need much).

So, for breakfast make coffee with coconut cream in it. Or chia seed pudding.

Tofu scramble is also good, and you can get some vegetables in as well.

Avocado as well is a great source of lots of vitamins, minerals and fat. There are seed crackers that you can make that are a good accompaniment and are vegan too.

Dinners - lots of Indian food can be made low-carb and vegan friendly, mushrooms, eggplants and tofu bulk it our. Coconut cream or cashews again add fat and will make you feel food. Serve with cauliflower rice.

Depending on how low carb you want to go, you could consider adding in protein sources like lentils, beans and other pulses. If not, you may get bored quickly.

ripeavocado Wed 23-Jan-19 14:38:55

Legumes. I'll say it again: legumes. Black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, haricot beans, cannellini beans, chickpeas, borlotti beans, green lentils, red lentils, brown lentils, puy lentils, yellow split peas... the list really does go on.

You can make lots of hearty stews, curries, soups and pies with legumes, that will keep you nice and satisfied.

You can make:

Mexican chilli with black beans, kidney beans and even pinto beans:

Indian Dal with green or puy lentils:

Or a red lentil version:

Chickpea curry:

Hearty shepherd's pie with green lentils and mushrooms:

Red lentil bolognese:

13 bean soup!

YouTube is your friend, my friend! 🌱

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