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Are you sharing your Christmas goodies?

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Rowdythree Mon 24-Dec-18 13:02:11

I'm just wondering if people are planning to share their vegan goodies with their omnivore family members over Christmas or are you are keeping them to yourselves fgrin

#light hearted

HSMMaCM Mon 24-Dec-18 13:03:22

I will share mine, but I will hide them at the back of the fridge / cupboard in between.

Rowdythree Mon 24-Dec-18 13:21:27

I'm going to share, but I'll be also hiding in between times so we have left overs! It's good to show how tasty vegan food can be! Can't wait for my Christmas dinner tomorrow.

What goodies have you got HSM?

LaurieFairyCake Mon 24-Dec-18 13:25:15


Our Christmas chocs are vegan. No one is getting any apart from dh and me.

HSMMaCM Mon 24-Dec-18 13:33:34

I've only got biscuits and chocolate, but there are plenty of other biscuits and chocolate for people to have. I do know my mum likes dark chocolate though, so if they run out I'll share with her.

SarahSissions Wed 02-Jan-19 20:13:45

Surely sharing all these bits is a great way to show off that you don’t have to miss out by being vegan?

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