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Land of Hope and Glory

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kikisparks Wed 18-Jul-18 19:47:43

Anyone watched this? Only managed 9 minutes, all U.K. footage standard practices. It’s like a horror film but it’s real life sad

littlecloudling Fri 28-Dec-18 14:00:35

@IvyandStan I'd be less worried about people shooting game than some of the horrific conditions in the video posted on this thread. Obviously it says something about their understanding but it must be less cruel surely...
Not supporting game shooting or hunting though!

littlecloudling Fri 28-Dec-18 14:01:59

Also if anyone can suggest some simple good vegetarian recipes I'd really like to see them as I've been trying to go vegetarian. I am a fussy eater so struggle.

kikisparks Fri 28-Dec-18 14:45:39

@littleclouding what kinds of things do you like?

IvyandStan Fri 28-Dec-18 20:16:42

I'm not particularly concerned with them shooting game and kind of agree it's kinder than intensive farming although I'm not sure breeding pheasants just to shoot them is particularly kind... I was trying to highlight that I live in a tiny posh farming community and I may be able to eat /live vegan quietly at home the few times a year I eat at the only pub close to me I eat the vegetarian option as there isn't a vegan one and is no call for one where I live. That is my choice, I'm doing my personal best and I wouldn't feel comfortable bringing it up in the pub as I'm 99% sure it would not be well received and I suffer from anxiety as it is so would not feel comfortable making myself stand out. Like I say I'm doing my personal best to my own limits.

IvyandStan Fri 28-Dec-18 20:20:21

I only popped back on this thread to say the fantastic but horrifying documentary land of hope and glory had a long term effect on me and I will continue doing my best. Not perfect but my best. If everyone tried there would be a lot less suffering.

alleypalley Fri 28-Dec-18 21:13:56

I became vegan almost overnight after watching Cowspiracy; I was shockingly ignorant at 40 years old, of the environmental impact on the planet of animal agriculture.

I recently watched lohag and I will definitely never go back to meat now. I’m trying to encourage my children to eat more vegan, I only cook vegan for them now (though still buy meat & dairy for them). Has anyone let their children watch this film? I’m not sure what age I would think it appropriate. But then I think it’s also information that we all should know. I wish I’d known sooner.

littlecloudling Sat 29-Dec-18 11:54:39

I think it should be compulsory viewing in schools but only from the age of 14

littlecloudling Sat 29-Dec-18 11:56:10

@kikisparks chickpeas and spice but not chili!

kikisparks Sat 29-Dec-18 13:50:34

@littleclouding I like this

KingIrving Sat 29-Dec-18 18:41:14

Yet despise all the documentaries and movies, so many are in denial. In the paper yesterday, I read this article . What is shocking is not so much the BS she writes, but the hundreds of comments mostly applauding her. But of course, I live in Australia, land of the BBQ

sonlypuppyfat Sat 29-Dec-18 18:47:53

For a lot of people it wouldn't matter what videos you ever showed them they wouldn't stop eating meat

Whatsnewwithyou Sat 29-Dec-18 18:55:30

I am vegetarian as is DH and would ideally go vegan but find it very difficult, DH is allergic to several kinds of nuts and can't have anything that even may contain traces of peanuts. I dont like most vegan foods including things like dahl, hummus, and coconut. We basically subsist on cheese. Would my tastes change if I went vegan do you think, and could we get around the "no nuts" issue?

KingIrving Sat 29-Dec-18 20:26:21

I don't eat that many nuts, I mostly use cashew to do my own vegan cheese or sometimes almonds for calcium and other minerals, and I don't really eat vegan food, just food. I prefer chickpeas in a tomatoes/onion/parsley salad than blended in hummus, or I love the rich Spanish garbanzo soup.
I usually have 3 or 4 different types of veggies cooked (braised, roasted, steamed ) or raw and a serving of tofu, quinoa, lentils on the side.

I put coconut on my hair and skin but never in my mouth.

Your taste will change and so will your sense of smell. I found the smell of eggs and bacons in cafe in the morning revolting. One morning, after a bad night sleep, I prepared my coffe an it tasted horrible as if there was washing up soap in it. It turned out, I had put the kids' real milk in it. And i have only been vegan less than two years.
I eat lots of salads, soups, risottos, and I make sure to cover all my nutritional needs and have blood tests every six months to check for deficiencies.

kikisparks Sat 29-Dec-18 22:43:17

@Whatsnewwithyou it’s certainly possible without nuts although could be a bit tougher to start with til you find what you like- what plant milks have you tried? Quite a few are nut free. My favourite is oat. Have you tried vegan butter/ margarine?

Whatsnewwithyou Sun 30-Dec-18 02:42:08

Thanks, both. I'm ok about milk as I like Oatly barista. I've decided to try Veganuary and see how I get on.

kikisparks Sun 30-Dec-18 08:09:17

@Whatsnewwithyou amazing! Good luck smile

Applepudding2018 Wed 02-Jan-19 21:36:36

@Whatsnewwithyou when you say you don't like Dahl and hummus is it the taste or texture you don't like, the flavour or do you not like lentils / chick peas?

You can make vegan meals with a traditional British taste if you want to - cottage pie using lentils, stew with canelini beans and root veg, mushroom and chestnut pie for example.

Whatsnewwithyou Thu 03-Jan-19 05:07:57

Thanks @Applepudding2018 I don't really dislike them so much as am sick of them as I've had them over and over again. I'm a good cook and have lots of vegan cookbooks- my favourites are by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. But as I work full time it's hard to find the time to cook during the week.

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