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LiquoriceWheel Wed 14-Feb-18 12:45:00

Hello, can you please recommend some vegan websites for newbies please? I can't take the guilt or health issues anymore.

I just want to change right now. I was 'vegetarian' once, a long time ago after watching some videos on PETA. I'm not really looking to be shocked as I have seen those awful videos and I've read a book by Peter Singer (The Ethics of What We Eat, I think???) which obviously was a depressing read.

I'm sort of looking for a 'no-judgement' vegan beginner style website or books/cookbooks so I can just start somewhere. I need optimism to change iyswim?

Thank you so much in advance.

dangermouseisace Wed 14-Feb-18 18:03:46

The vegan society is a pretty good place to start. They are far less judgy than they used to be. They have some deals on recipe books as well...

LiquoriceWheel Thu 15-Feb-18 12:03:29

Thanks dangermouse I had a quick look at vegan society and so far so good, lots of things I didn't even think about like vegan tattoos! I really want to visit a farm animal sanctuary too (one day). Lots to prepare and think about but it's long overdue. So thanks again smile

cushioncovers Fri 16-Feb-18 14:07:16

Take it one day at a time op. I'm about five weeks in to going back to a plant based diet and it's still work in progress for me. I have liked quite a few pages on Facebook they have loads of dietary info on them including a list of junk food that is accidentally vegan😄 such as some Pringles, rich tea biscuits, pot noodles etc.

Plant based news is a good fb page. So is Bosch.

I have started with food and will aim to change my footwear makeup hair dye and leather sofas as time goes on.

Oatley oat milk is fab. Nutritional yeast is great to add to soups etc. It's flaky and has a nutty cheesy flavour.

Free from pesto is a good cupboard food.

So is many of the tinned soups that are accidentally vegan. I've just had lentil soup with a spoonful of nutritional yeast mixed in. Full of protein and vitamin B's and low fat n quick.

Quorn do a lot of veggie/vegan products.

Amy's kitchen and Wicked are two main stream vegan brands in the-ready meal section in supermarkets.

Smoked paprika gives a nice smoky meaty flavour to things. So does chipotle and liquid gravy browning. All vegan.

Lindsay McCartney products are good also.

Ready rolled pizza base is handy. I made one this week and throw on tomato purée. Olives mushrooms onions peppers vegan mozzarella chilli flakes. Garlic. Salt n pepper and smoked paprika. It was delicious.

Flora do a vegan margarine so do vitalite.

Oatley do a creme freche and single cream all plant based.

Hope this helps.

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