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Will you stay vegan after Veganuary?

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ohbigdaddio Tue 30-Jan-18 18:47:35

I'm veggie but have really enjoyed trying out vegan food this last month. I haven't watched any of the documentaries and am undecided about whether to stay vegan or not. It's made my diet more interesting as I've had to be inventive and it's meant my DH and I have enjoyed cooking and eating the same things together (he's been vegan a while.) I do miss eggs and cheese but not as badly as I thought I would!

What will you be doing on 1st Feb?

PurpleDaisies Tue 30-Jan-18 18:50:13

I’ll eat a lot less dairy and eggs than before but I don’t think I’ll stay totally vegan. I have really missed them.

I might still change my mind though.

hibbledibble Tue 30-Jan-18 20:18:14

I will stay vegan but I won't be a 'perfect' vegan. Eg I will eat things with a trace of egg or dairy while eating out, and would rather eat vegetarian than offend a host.

PrincessoftheSea Tue 30-Jan-18 22:09:19

I will aim to do 3-4 vegan dinners a week. I have really missed eating fish. I haven't missed cheese as much as I thought I would.

colleysmill Wed 31-Jan-18 21:32:24

I'm going to carryon although I have stuff in the freezer that isn't vegan - dh might eat it though.

I've found my skin is so much softer this last month and I'm sleeping much better.

ShowOfHands Thu 01-Feb-18 11:49:36

I'm not convinced it's the healthiest diet for me so can't continue it but I will remain meat free. I miss fish and eggs (free range from my own chickens) so might be pescatarian.

I'm looking forward to putting the weight back on tbh.

maybeshesawomble Thu 01-Feb-18 13:28:15

Exactly the same approach as hibbledibble. Predominantly vegan but vegetarian when eating at people’s houses and not stressing too much about traces of eggs/dairy. It’s been a big change for me as was omnivore until 29 December. I really enjoy the food and have done so much research around the meat and dairy industries I don’t want to go back to eating animal products.

PurpleDaisies Thu 01-Feb-18 16:54:00

I'm looking forward to putting the weight back on tbh.

For me, it was the opposite. I put weight on, probably from all the carbs!

colleysmill Thu 01-Feb-18 19:03:00

Now I've decided to carryon I need a serious rethink on breakfasts - toast is just not enough for me and I've eaten way more carbs than I normally do!

I really thought I'd go back to veggie but I can't see it happening - I will relax on cask ale though as i love beer .

2cats2many Thu 01-Feb-18 19:04:46

I'm going) to carry on dairy free at home. It's too much of a PITA when eating out or at friends, but I feel like I've really benefitted health wise from.not eating it in the last month.

ShowOfHands Thu 01-Feb-18 20:42:43

I don't eat many carbs, certainly no white carbs and I don't eat sugar or processed food either so have lost weight I didn't need to. I'm only 5lbs above the lowest healthy weight for my height. I do a LOT of exercise though and a vegan diet hasn't suited me 100%

TerfWarz Thu 01-Feb-18 20:47:25

I've been vegan for a couple of years now but just wanted to say how awesome it is that you've given it a shot and that hopefully you'll be able to make some long lasting positive changes both for your health and for the animals.

Chess77 Fri 09-Feb-18 12:42:47

I am staying Vegan too as seeing an improvement in my Cholesterol which was too high. Been Veggie for 26 years and found it easier than I thought. Other people around me aren't taking it so well but I feel great so now my plan is to experiment with more recipes and get more fruit in (not a big fan). It feels like the right decision for me.

SweetestThing Sun 11-Feb-18 15:13:16

I've pretty much stayed vegan since the end of January, but with a few occasions where I consciously ate animal products (one was at a friend's house and I hadn't said I was trying out veganism and wouldn't be so rude as to turn down a meal she had cooked for me, and twice was at home).

I went to the Vegan Life show yesterday and that has encouraged me to keep trying to eat a plant-based diet, although I am not going to claim that I am becoming a vegan. I have missed eggs, but haven't succumbed to the temptation excepts on one occasion. I'm experimenting with vegan cheeses (got a blue cheese yesterday at the show that I am looking forward to trying ), but it's been interesting to discover that I already cooked vegan/almost vegan meals a lot of the time without really thinking about it.

There's a thread on the Vegan board where someone has posted a list from Aldi of all their vegan products that some of you might find useful.

TheJoyOfSox Sun 04-Mar-18 11:21:40

DH and I went veggie for veganuary, we wasn’t too anal, I had a pack of bacon in the fridge on January 1st so we added that to breakfast one day but we did well. We enjoyed being vegetarian so much that we didn’t rush out to eat meat on 1st February.
Gets to mid February, we’re out for dinner and DH decides he wants some meat. Next day he was ill.
A couple of weeks later the same thing, he ate some meat and had a bad stomach. So one day last week we are at our local pub for the pub quiz, and order food. I said “ if you eat meat and are I’ll tom, it’s the meat” sure enough he spent all day on the lac. So that’s how we have become accidental vegetarians.
I don’t think we will ever become vegan but I don’t miss meat at all. All thanks to veganuary. (We now avoid Linda McCartney’s sausages though, thy contain palm oil and although they claim it’s ethical, how can they ‘ethically ‘ evict an orangutan)

dangermouseisace Sun 04-Mar-18 11:37:39

Well done on the accidental vegetarianism joyofsox! Every little helps, even if you don't go full vegan. You can get sustainable palm oil...other countries e.g. African states produce it too, and they don't have orangutans. Linda McCartney got a medium ranking from ethical consumer for its palm oil policy because its policy applied to certain countries (including U.K./U.S) but not globally. They still got ranked higher overall than supermarket own brands, including Waitrose.

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