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Veganuary 2018

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lurchermummy Sat 30-Dec-17 23:50:34

Myself and DD aged 16 are going to try a vegan diet for January. DD is already vegetarian and I was vegetarian for many years although recently not. I really want to try a lighter healthier plant based way of eating, feel blurgh after all the rich food of Christmas, and am really keen to see if it helps my psoriasis. If we like it we may well continue but I signed up for Veganuary to give us a focus. DD2 is a fussy eater and not a big fan of vegetables so that may be tricky, DH is happy to eat vegetarian but vegan may be a step too far for him. Would really welcome any tips for adaptable family meals eg. sausage and mash, I can do vegan sausages for us and meat for them. I'm actually really looking forward to it now!

Woolfrai Sat 30-Dec-17 23:53:21

I would love to join.

I'm vegetarian, and have vegan days, but I'm keen to make the move to fully vegan. I'm particularly interested in good vegan breakfasts and delicious tasting snacks. smile

One of my favourite hot vegan drinks is hot chocolate made using cashew milk.

WhyDidIEatThat Sun 31-Dec-17 08:27:17

Hello veganuarians 😊🥑🌮 excited to see a thread already here. For various reasons I’m technically omnivorous but it’s nice to officially have January off - increasingly feel there’s no humane way of doing animal agriculture on any larger scale than individual back yard/small holding.

I’m just loading the freezer with individual portions of black beans for chili, tacos, dip etc. Will also make and freeze lots of burritos later - only 3 or 4 minutes from frozen in the microwave. I’ve been training myself to enjoy them with nutritional yeast instead of cheese.

WhyDidIEatThat Sun 31-Dec-17 08:36:14

Not recipes but some interesting reading:

LittleG69 Sun 31-Dec-17 09:40:46

I’m doing this. I’m already vegetarian so I’m hoping that most of my meals will be similar to the ones I usually name. I’ve swapped my usual bouillon powder for the vegan alternative and know that most quorn isn’t vegan so I’ll be ditching that.

My big concern is milk in tea. I love my tea and although I only have a splash of mill in it (semi skimmed) I’m worried that the alternatives don’t taste right or will curdle. Has anyone got any tips. I see the Oatly barista one recommended but that’s proving impossible to find. Thanks in advance

spnfan Sun 31-Dec-17 10:12:51

@LittleG69 I stopped drinking milk in tea for different reasons but I was a tea fiend! I started drinking black tea but switched to soya milk. I'm happy to drink any of the alternative milks really.
My best advice is to acknowledge that it just won't taste like the tea you're used to! Then just trial and error. 🙂 My favourite is just plain unsweetened soya milk.

DH tried alternative milks but eventually just gave up and drinks all his hot drinks black.

LittleG69 Sun 31-Dec-17 14:03:34

Thanks @spnfan. I always have soya milk in capucinno, lattes and porridge so I’ll try it in tea. I’ve just bought some Alpro unsweetened

whiteroseredrose Sun 31-Dec-17 14:18:04

I've been veggie practically forever and am moving towards being vegan. I've found Alpro light as a good milk substitute but the fridge one, not long life. Some of those curdle.

PurpleDaisies Sun 31-Dec-17 14:42:41

I’m another vegetarian thinking of trying this. I hate all replacements milks so I’m not sure what to do about drinks but loads of food I eat is vegan anyway.

I’ve got a freezer full of lentil dahl and chickpea curry so that’s a good start.

kate288 Sun 31-Dec-17 15:12:38

Hey I've decided to do this too 😊 I'm already veggie and drink almond/soya milk in coffee etc. Thought it might be a good way k detox after all of the Christmas eating! And I've been thinking about trying to go vegan for a while so thought I may as well give it a go!

I usually like a high protein breakfast (eggs or protein yogurt), does anyone know of any good vegan breakfast ideas that are highish in protein?

ImademyownChristmasPudding Sun 31-Dec-17 15:23:54

Ooh, I'd like to join!
I am GF, and on a vegan diet - as intolerant to dairy and eggs, (and other things too 😳)
I have been vegetarian in the past, (been eating some meat for last couple of years as still breastfeeding)
I really enjoy making vegan alternatives to my favourite foods!

Dottie39 Sun 31-Dec-17 15:27:13

I'm doing this. I am veggie and DH is vegan so hoping it won't be too hard as already used to making vegan meals. I'll miss cheese, and milk in my coffee, and pizza from the take away, other than that will be ok I hope.

May50 Sun 31-Dec-17 15:30:51

I'm doing Veganuary , (as well as Dry January). I already don't have dairy as allergic - I always use Alpro Soya Light in tea - it tastes nice and doesn't curdle. Couldn't cope without a nice cup of tea.
I'll probably have porridge made with soya or almond milk for breakfast, then I'm going to make lentil and veg soup batches, and I've bought some different beans for casseroles.
I'm still going to cook meat for the kids.
I aim to hopefully eat pretty much like this going forward, but will probably add some eggs and fish for protein occasionally after January. I'll see how things go.

SeamLess Sun 31-Dec-17 15:33:23

I’m also going to try being vegan.

I bought some nutritional yeast flakes as I read they are good to sprinkle on food for flavour and also b12 etc.

I don’t want to just have soy as an alternative to milk so have made some chickpea tofu which I’m hoping will come out well!

With hot drinks I have never found anything that either doesn’t curdle or taste nice so now I just drink my coffee black (took some getting used to but I’m fine with it now) and converted to drinking red bush without any milk.

Does anyone have a good meal plan that ensures you get all the right nutritients over a week?

WhyDidIEatThat Sun 31-Dec-17 16:09:34

kate288 - could you try a chickpea flour frittata for breakfast, maybe make a batch of mini sized ones in a muffin tray? Eg:

Vitalogy Sun 31-Dec-17 16:30:07

Milk replacement Oatly oat milk is good.

Vitalogy Sun 31-Dec-17 16:33:12

*it doesn't curdle, nice in hot chocolate too. I add a few drops of orange oil or peppermint oil extract, it's really nice.

gaymeanshappy Sun 31-Dec-17 16:34:05

I'm a vegan-if anyone wants to tell me recipes they love I will advise on how to make vegan or what may be a good alternative etc smile

Veterinari Sun 31-Dec-17 16:37:37

I love nut milk in coffee - especially hazelnut milk. Rice, oat or cashew milk are good for tea.
I’ve pretty much cut out cheese and love nutritional yeast.

But eggs!! My breakfast egg remains a challenge. Any high protein breakfast suggestions please?

AdalindSchade Sun 31-Dec-17 16:41:27

Scrambled tofu is delicious. You can have it with a vegan sausage and tomatoes for a lovely cooked breakfast.

AdalindSchade Sun 31-Dec-17 16:41:47

Or Lidl high protein rolls with peanut butter

Lovelylovelyllamas Sun 31-Dec-17 16:47:15

I drink “normal”tea black, but black chai with coconut milk / coconut rice milk is delicious

PurpleDaisies Sun 31-Dec-17 16:58:30

I’ve just realised I have no idea where to find tofu in a supermarket. Anyone know? I’ve eaten lots out but never cooked with it.

Notso Sun 31-Dec-17 17:04:37

DD 17 is interested in doing this but I have reservations as DS2 has a peanut allergy and our household is nut/peanut free because of this. Is it possible to be a nut free vegan?

lurchermummy Sun 31-Dec-17 17:49:19

Hi all so happy to see so many joining in! I also like alpro soya light or almond milk in tea or coffee but I find it also helps to brew the tea less strong than I normally would or it tastes bitter. Our meal plan for the week (main meals) is
Monday - Veggie Chilli with guacamole and tortilla chips
Tuesday - Vegan Sausage and Mash
Wednesday - Felafels, pitta, hummous
Thursday - Lentil Bolognese
Friday - Mushroom Rissoto (with nutritional yeast instead of parmesan and not made with butter)
Saturday - Vegan Pizza with loads of roasted veggies on top, I do have some vegan cheese to try out if anyone feels they need it
Sunday - to be decided, probably some kind of tart or pie made with vegan pastry (jus roll)

I do need to cook some alternatives for DD2 because she simply won't eat some of these meals so for example she will have carbonara instead of lentil bolognese.

Does that sound okay? Have fridge full of fruit, veg, hoummous, olives, salad, can make soups, have lots of nuts and seeds, nut butters, almond milk, vegan margarine, tons of avocados.

I'm keen to try tofu but I think the rest of the family will think that is a step too far. Maybe for the second week!

Quite looking forward to tomorrow!

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