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School sandwich ideas please!

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PorridgeAgainAbney Sun 29-Oct-17 07:51:16

Sounds easy but there are a few pre-requisites that mean I'm tearing my hair out:

- No dairy, eggs, soya, tomato, chickpeas or sesame (due to DS's food allergies).
- No peanuts or cashews (due to other pupils' allergies).

Also on the lookout for any homemade dips or snacky things like veg-packed 'sausage' rolls that others recommend; I try a lot of recipes from the internet but they are hit and miss and it's hard to spend time and money making something that turns out to be horrible or bland so recommendations from people who like the recipes would be welcome smile.

I'm not bringing DS up as a vegan but a lot of vegan recipes suit us due to the egg and dairy allergies, and I don't want to rely on meat/fish for lunch every day so wanted to get some inspiration!

theconstantinoplegardener Sun 29-Oct-17 07:59:57

Does your son like Marmite in his sandwiches? You could mix it with vegan margarine if you want a decent coveting without too much salt.

PorridgeAgainAbney Sun 29-Oct-17 09:24:17

I think he's tried it a couple of times, but I like the idea of mixing it with Pure so it's a thin covering but more interesting than just an oily flavour!

I've also used leftover sweet potatoes spread on the bread as a base which he seemed to like, as well as avocado. It's just the rest of the filling that I'm struggling with grin.

DeliveredByKiki Mon 30-Oct-17 05:36:40

We send our two in with pasta quite often, in a wee thermos so it keeps mildly warm

SandLand Mon 30-Oct-17 06:07:22

Marmite. Jam or honey as an occasional sweet treat.
Banana and avocado mashed together.

Other nut butters (almond, pistachio?)

ownedbySWD Mon 30-Oct-17 06:24:20

Have you tried seed butters? A bit pricey and a funky green colour, but I think pumpkin seed butter tastes a lot like peanut butter.

Glamorousglitter Mon 30-Oct-17 06:31:38

Have you tried homemeade falafel balls / patties in a wrap or in a thin chiabatta style sambo
Does it have to be sandwiches ?

Would they manage something like a small pot with some berry compote or granola and honey?

Or an overnight oat type recipe with some coconut flakes and berries and choc chips ?

Glamorousglitter Mon 30-Oct-17 06:32:52

Apologies just saw the no chickpeas so falafels are out.

Glamorousglitter Mon 30-Oct-17 06:33:50

Sweet potato Rossi’s cold

Ricekrispie22 Mon 30-Oct-17 06:49:37

Have you tried violife cheese alternative?

Pythonesque Mon 30-Oct-17 07:09:29

With those allergies I personally would be happy planning to have some meat or fish in each lunch - sounds tricky to keep up the protein content. (but, I know I am quite meat orientated). I think you can get egg-free mayonaisse - tinned fish mashed with this should be a nice filler. Don't know whether it is soya free though sad

If salad type meals will work, can you do something with lentils or spinach in it?

[I have a pescetarian daughter. Luckily she is not one of the dairy allergic members of my family and has grown out of earlier egg allergy. You have my sympathies!]

DrDiva Mon 30-Oct-17 07:11:13

Not sandwiches, but:
Pesto scrolls - roll up puff pastry with Meridian dairyfree pesto (though can't remember if it is nut free) and Sainsbury's Free From cream cheese. These are also freezable.
Not vegan, but my DS likes pea and bacon purée as a sandwich filling
Cucumber and cream cheese (see above for non dairy/soya version of this)
Nutella made with sunflower seeds

DrDiva Mon 30-Oct-17 07:12:25

Ok bother, Meridian has cashews so that's out. Make your own, maybe?

SerendipityFelix Mon 13-Nov-17 14:49:02

Falafel-type things can be made with broad beans too

I use lentils or mushrooms as basis for patê type spreads. Or just any cooked veg really can be spread-ized grin had a lovely carrot and maple one recently.

Fritter/pakora/bhaji type things with salad and relish work well as sandwiches/wraps as well.

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