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Women need 44mg of iron?

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Ozzde Mon 05-Jun-17 20:09:27

Only been vegen for a few weeks so forgive any ignorance.

I read today that pre menopausal women need this level of iron as vegans being it's absorbed from non haem sources. I've been logging my food since changing my diet and can achieve the usual 18 and slightly beyond but there's no way I could get 44. Is this where a good vitamin comes in? Is this level necessary?

JoJoSM2 Mon 05-Jun-17 23:30:07

Iron is better absorbed from animal than plant sources hence a much higher amount quoted. However, it's probably a lot more individual as absorption rates differ. The 44g looks a bit exaggerated but I'm not an expert.

Are you taking any other supplements? I've just ordered some from Vegetology. They look great on paper and could plug some gaps in he diet.

Ozzde Tue 06-Jun-17 01:02:36

Thanks JoJo, I had wondered about it being individual myself. I know from being tested in pregnancy my iron levels are usually the higher range of normal, in fact they told me to come off the iron tablets when pregnant with ds when I hadn't been taking any. I was eating meat then however.

Haven't been taking any supplements bar B12 as yet but am considering it.

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