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If you have a non-vegan partner, how do you manage meals?

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RedheadLover Thu 11-May-17 21:45:58

Just wondering, if you cook a meal for your partner, would you ever cook using meat/animal products for them? My BF will usually have the same thing as me, but he still eats chicken so sometimes will want it to be added to the meal (in a stir fry for example). It might sound silly but I can't bring myself to cook it for him! blush

SplitInfinitive Fri 12-May-17 08:10:45

DH still eats fish from time to time but he either has that when we're out or he cooks it for himself. At other times he might add some grated cheese to the vegan dish I've served him.

DS is a meat eater. He doesn't eat huge amounts of meat though, just a little ham and turkey. DH tends to cook those meals for him.

I think we've pretty much got it sorted in our house. We all work together smile

thetowpath Fri 12-May-17 10:37:26

Similar here -
I pretty much plan the meals, shop and cook so the 'menu' is vegan - but he might add Parmesan/ yoghurt / feta etc to what I've made. Or he might have eggs / bacon if I'm out. I definitely don't cook meat anymore, but my food's so delicious grin I get no complaints ...
When I first went veggie before vegan DH reckoned he'd still make himself beef stews etc but I think he found quickly that he didn't miss meat remotely as much as he thought he would.

dontneedthesunshine Fri 12-May-17 12:50:33

I'm one vegan in a house with 5 carnivores, dh and 4dc, since I do all the meal planning, cooking and shopping we mostly eat vegan but I do sometimes find I have to grill sausages or put something like a pie or quiche in the oven for them. I don't like it much and would far rather not but we all have to get on I guess, chances of any of them giving up on meat entirely are nil.

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