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lactose intolerance after 3mnth jabs?

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EllenRipley Thu 18-Mar-10 15:02:52

My ds is nearly four months, he started to get diarrhea after his 3mnth jabs - runny poo, sometimes watery, sometimes mucusy with white lumps (undigested milk?)... GP said it was a temporary lactose intolerance following a gastric upset (though i cant recall him having an stomach upset) and suggested cutting down on his feeds for a couple of days. Did so, but no change. Stool sample came back from lab as normal. Ds is perfectly healthy otherwise, never had colic before (was mixed fed from 3wks-2mnths, had to switch exclusively to formula when i was ill and he's always tolerated the Aptamil very well), not dehydrated, no stomach distension etc. I'm trying Colief to break down the lactose and a friend's GP told her to switch formulas when her ds had similar problem, and was then cured - but everything i read says changing formula can cause more problems!
Has anyone experience similar probs? Am at wits end, he's been such a healthy baby up til now. Am concerned his jabs have done something to his bowel. He also could be teething, though could that cause his poo to turn so cheesy? Any advice/experience welcome! Thanks x

EllenRipley Mon 04-Apr-16 18:24:00

This exact thing happened to my son - he's six now but I remember this period of his first year very well! Doctors denied the vaccination had anything to do with it, said it was the after effect of a virus but I was 99% positive it was the vaccine. He hadn't been ill. His poo was often projectile and lumpy, like cottage cheese, he'd become 'lactose intolerant ' overnight, straight after the jag. Used drops in his milk that 'killed' the lactose, if I recall we had to do that for a couple of months, doc also eventually recommended starting him on some solids at 4/5 months because he was quite a big baby at that point. Don't let them fob you off, I remember we had to eventually buy the anti-lactose stuff ourselves because we only got it prescribed for the first month. And don't panic, it tends to be transient though my son still tolerates cheese and yoghurt better than straight milk. Good luck, I remember those nappies... shock

EllenRipley Mon 04-Apr-16 18:31:22

Christ I've just answered my own thread from five years ago. Damn phone app.

madamginger Mon 04-Apr-16 18:31:52

You've replied to your own zombie thread

EllenRipley Mon 04-Apr-16 23:12:04

I know! Been lol-ing all night. Idiot. I read the headline, if I'd read the actual text I might've noticed...was looking at my old threads and for some reason thought it was all the new ones. I've just downloaded the mumsnet app... Guess I haven't got the hang of it yet blush

mamatime14 Fri 08-Apr-16 17:29:03

Can I ask EllenRipley, what did you do about the booster vaccinations? Did you continue to vaccinate after this happened?

EllenRipley Fri 08-Apr-16 22:48:40

I can't recall when they were, but yes he got all his vax + boosters with no apparent further ill effect, it was just that one around the three month mark.

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