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My baby is 10months old & had NO vaccinations

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jkb Sun 31-Jan-10 19:02:27


I wanted to see if there was anyone else in the horrid position I am in...

Im a mum of 2 (a very responsible mum ).
My Oldest son who is now 4 had all his jabs... however as soon as he had his first set at 8 weeks things went downhill for him. He got a MASSIVE lump in his neck (gland) that just never went down... he became unwell with a fever for weeks & weeks, was tired ALL the time... had fevers almost every night etc etc.. so much so that the hospital were considering testing for lymphoma cancer. He had his MMR at age 1... things then got even worse.... 6 urine infections, a fever of 104 that lasted for 3 weeks...again his neck g;and bacme so big that the hospital even scanned it & took about 30 sets of blood from him. My poor baby now has M.E (CFS). This was without a doubt all brought on by vaccinations.. his immune system has been damaged by them in some way. He has had 4 years of hell.... & it continues.... he always shattered, joint pains etc... & cannot live a normal life as he just has no energy.

Now I have a daughter who is 10 months... she has not had ANY vaccines... I have researched this & made a decision to not give her any jabs.. This was not, & still is NOT an easy decision... but im sooooooooooo frightened that if I have her done she will go like my son did. She is perfectly healthy now... Breastfed as My son was I I want her to stay that way.

Is there anyone else out there who can share their experiences with me... I am a commited mum who wants the best for both her children..but after seeing the state my son is in (& im totally sure the jabs harmed him) how could I have sat there & had her done too.... knowing that she could have gone the same way as he did? Im so frightened of her getting the illnesses I havent had her vaccinated against.. but still.... cannot chance her reacting the same way as he has (& there is a good chance she would as we have LOTS of auto immune probs in our family)

we are also off abroad in may & its freaking me out


jkb Sun 31-Jan-10 19:06:32

I just wanted to add... that my son has had his vaccine responses tested by Great ormond st hospital... & despite having had all his jabs on time etc... his immune system offeres hardly any protection against many of the jabs.... so instead of him reacting how should have & becoming immune to the diseases.. his body just attacked itself & has caused his immune system to be the way it is now :-(
So he had all his jabs done.. for no immunity? & look how its left him

FabIsGoingToBeFabIn2010 Sun 31-Jan-10 19:33:00

My first child reacted to his 8 week jab and then all is others too so when I had my other children I spaced them out more and also refused the MMR jab and had singles done.

I am not sure what you are asking tbh.

jkb Sun 31-Jan-10 19:37:33


Thank you for your reply.
Im just asking in anyone else out there has a similar problem to me.. looking for some support, someone who has experience of not vaccinating their child & came out the otherside... I feel very alone of this one.. cant discuss this porperly with a GP as they have one view & thats it

perfectmummy Sun 31-Jan-10 20:06:08

my dd nearly 3 is not vaccinated and although you do sometimes worry a little I am still confident that the right decission has been made. She is fit and healthy and gets over illness very quickly. Be confident in your deccision. She will be fine

jkb Sun 31-Jan-10 20:15:44

Thank u so much perfect mummy! Thats so nice to hear.. may I ask u why u decided not to vaccinate?

jkb Sun 31-Jan-10 20:16:25

also.. have u ever been abroad with her? Im so worried about going away...

AitchTwoOhOneOh Sun 31-Jan-10 20:21:08

i can't see what else you could do, tbh. bear in mind you didn't take this decision lightly, you in fact continued to vaccinate your son according to the normal protocols. i wish you luck, hope your wee boy rallies.

neither of mine had reactions, btw, so i was lucky, but i waited longer and spaced them out and never took more than one jag at a time, for no reason other than i felt it was a gentler way to do it.

perfectmummy Mon 01-Feb-10 18:40:48

glad i was of some help.
we spent alot of time researching vaccines and basically decided the risks of her having the vaccines both in the short and long term were greater than that of the chances of her catching or if she did having a bad reaction to the disease.
I have a 3 week old now so have to start justifying my decission again quite frequently but happy also for him to remain unvaccinated.
we have been abroard many timeswith dd although no where that recommends vaccination or maleria tablets. Where are you heading? Homeopathy is great for alternitives to maleria tablets!

jkb Mon 01-Feb-10 19:12:55

thank you.... nowhere exotic.. majorca & cyprus... so hopefully she will be ok?

bogie Mon 01-Feb-10 19:18:01

DD is 17 months and had no jabs
Ds had his first one's at 7 weeks and got meningits 3 days later he has had none since.

We have alot of autism in our family (all of my dads kids and grandkids that have had jabs) I was the last one in our family not to have them, my brother was the first to and he has severe autism.
So does all my sister's kids
and my other brothers kids.

pagwatch Mon 01-Feb-10 19:20:19

My DD is 7. She has had none at all. She has been to Spain about 10 times, also St Lucia, Florida, Barbados, Rome, Paris, Nice, Maderia and Antigua.

I don't worry about travel as we are not hiking through Nepal ,we are staying in 4 and 5 star hotels in Westerm/European countries with great santitation and good medical services.
We didn't have the vaccines as DS2 had catastrophic reaction to his vaccines and DD has similar pre-dispositions.

I will probably have to get tetanus at some stage but you still can't getthe bastard thing except part of the dpt.

No. I don't worry any more than I did with the other two when they had their vaccinations.

You make the best choice you can and then live with it

thisisyesterday Mon 01-Feb-10 19:25:45

jkb I have 3 children. my eldest had his baby jabs, but nothing else, the other 2 are completely unvaccinated.

they are very fit, healthy, strong children and I personalyl feel that the risks carried by catching any of the childhood diseases are less for them than the potential risks of vaccinating.

I will however, be looking into a single mumps vaccine for all three boys when they're around 9 or 10, before they hit puberty, and once their immune system is much better (hopefully!)

we've been abroad with the eldest 2, and are planning a holiday abroad this summer too, really don't have a problem with that although we're not going anywhere with any particularly nasty diseases

thisisyesterday Mon 01-Feb-10 19:26:44

ooh pagwatch, you might know more about tetanus jabs, seeing you mention the DTP.

I thought that nowadays it was the 5 in one? not just DTP? do you happen to know if it's still possible to request the 3-in-1?

saintlydamemrsturnip Mon 01-Feb-10 19:36:55

There are quite a few of us on here but many avoid vaccine threads

Ds2 is 8, ds3 is 5 - neither of them have had a vaccination to date. I would like them to have a single tetanus but I have only tracked down the 5 in 1 and that's not an option. I might sort out a measles jab for ds2 at some stage as measles does become nastier post puberty.

Ds1 was vaccinated and regressed following a viral illness - he will require 24 hour care for the rest of his life. It's not so much the 'vaccinations that concern me - more the specific presumably genetic predisposition that ds1 has that made him regress when he met the virus or the treatment or whatever it was. He is under a neuro now so we may eventually get to the bottom of it.

Richard Halvorsen a GP has written a very helpful book and runs a private clinic. I plan to take ds2 and ds3 to see him at some stage to talk through options.

Incidentally I have never had any hassle off medical personnel (just one junior doctor who looked about 10) - some have even been supportive.

hellymelly Mon 01-Feb-10 19:42:46

My two have not been vaccinated either ,(they are five and two) the two year old had a nasty cut and I did give her tetanus then ,but she hasn't had any others.We have a lot of allergies/auto immune things in the family and it worried me having so many vaccines when they are so little.I really worry about illnesses too though so it is a hard route to take.I am weighing up giving them the measles vaccine as a single dose as we have had a lot of measles in Wales and it is a nasty illness.I sympathise,it is worrying whichever way you go but with your experiences I think you are doing the right thing by not vaccinating,it sounds terrible,your poor Ds.

arolf Mon 01-Feb-10 19:47:42

sorry for a mini thread jack -
perfectmummy - homeopathy is never an alternative to malaria tablets. never.
however, malaria cannot be vaccinated against, so tablets aimed at preventing it do not work in the same way as a vaccination does - they are basically antibiotics taken to prevent establishment of an infection.
please don't use homeopathic remedies unless you want to get malaria!

tartyhighheels Mon 01-Feb-10 20:01:17

I have 3 dcs. What i have done with all of mine is had some of the jabs and started them very late. With all of them, the baby jabs were given starting when the were over one and given one at a time once a month. None of them have had or will have the MMR. I cannot bring myself to have these done at 8 weeks - they have all been breastfed for well over a year, we do not travel too exotically and I feel happy about the decision i have made. I will have my daughters innoculated against rubella when they are older.

I also know someone else who has had a similar experience to you with her DD - her daughter completely well and happy and devleoping normally until MMR - 48 hours later in intensive care with terrible fever etc and now at 6 has learning difficulties and speech problems - this child could speak well for her age before the jab.

And this is horrible for you and dreadful for you lovely boy. Terribly unfair when you were trying to do the right thing.

hellymelly Mon 01-Feb-10 20:33:52

By the way pagwatch,we got a single dose tetanus privately at St John and Elizabeth.

pagwatch Mon 01-Feb-10 20:37:56

oooh Helly, really !
thank you.
I shall check it out.
To date every where I have asked - even the ones that say it is just tetanus - have only the dpt.
Dh was bitten by a dog and asked for tetanus only, was told he was given the tetnus only but then asked for the insert.... hmm

thisisyesterday. DPT is available as that is whatthey give you if you need it in hospital post a cut or trauma

hellymelly Mon 01-Feb-10 23:21:56

Well it was two years ago,but we rang round everywhere and St John and Elizabeth had it.She had a deep cut to her Face sadon dirty ground and I knew she really needed the tetanus but I didn't want the three -in-one jab,she was only six months old.She had no reaction to it at all.Certainly worth giving them a ring.Can't remember how much it cost,around a hundred pounds maybe?

Amester Tue 02-Feb-10 08:24:58

You can get a single Tetanus with Dr. Halvorsen, here is a list of the vaccines he offers:

saintlydamemrsturnip Tue 02-Feb-10 08:59:29

oooh he does telephone consultations!

Thank you!!!!

That's very helpful to know.

sarah293 Tue 02-Feb-10 09:14:03

Message withdrawn

pagwatch Tue 02-Feb-10 09:17:07

very helpful. Thank you.

I had actually stopped looking because I took months last time ( when DD was about 4) and couldn't get any anywhere

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