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Urgent advice needed. Taking DD for booster jabs this afternoon.

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sparklefrog Mon 09-Nov-09 15:24:58

But feel uneasy about it.

She has had the immunisations at 3, 4, and 5 months, and now has been called to have the

Men C Booster*


I have a terrible memory, but I am assuming that DD must have had the initial Men C and Hib immunisation, to have been called back for the booster.

DD has not so far shown any signs of illness or side effects after the immunisations she has already had, but is it really necessary??

How much more at risk would DD be from these illnesses if she doesn't have the booster?

Am hoping someone replies before I duly trot down to the doctors.

What questions do I need to ask, if any, the practice nurse when we get there?

Thanks so much for any advice.

luciemule Tue 10-Nov-09 13:58:55

Ask the nurse what you asked here although I imagine you'll get a pretty vague response.

There reason will be because they won't have enough immunity if they don't have it I guess.

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