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Swine Flu Vaccine Trial - DD has been invited to join it.

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whomovedmychocolate Sat 26-Sep-09 19:17:10

Having read all the info I'm actually quite tempted to sign her up. Is anyone else doing it?

thisisyesterday Sat 26-Sep-09 19:19:05

no, abnd i never would

agreeing to take part in a trial yourself is one thing, but deciding to let a young child is quite enough.
if there were side effects how would you feel?

whomovedmychocolate Sat 26-Sep-09 19:25:05

Well she's been in a vaccine trial before - the meningitis trial to roll out the vaccine which is used across Europe but not yet here - so it's well tested.

Actually within a year all children will be offered this vaccine so I think it's a question of vaccinate now or later (of course you can choose not to) but in this case, instead of the vax being given by a nurse at a GP surgery, it's given in hospital, with a medical team of doctors standing by and close monitoring. She had no history of side effects, the virus segments are killed and aside from the risk of every vaccine, I'm not sure it's much different TBH (having read the 12 pages of data on it).

maxybrown Tue 29-Sep-09 09:38:44

what are the full ingredients whomovedmychocolate?

whoops Tue 29-Sep-09 09:51:40

I also got a letter inviting my dd, we asked her and told her what was involved but she said she didn't want to. If she had said yes I probably would have thought more about it

lal123 Tue 29-Sep-09 09:56:22

personally I wouldn't join the trial. I'd weigh up the risks of an otherwise healthy child catching swine flu (which to date has been a relatively mild disease) with the risks of having an untested vaccine.

MrsBadger Tue 29-Sep-09 10:06:52

there's a thread in 'swine flu' about it, wmmc

I am dithering

the only thing that puts me off is they want 6mls of blood every time, and that is a lot from a 2yo.

CassandraM Wed 30-Sep-09 00:44:36

You do realise that if you have proper Vitamin D levels ( bllod test 25hydroxyvitamin D) you wont need swine flu vaccinations?

Optimal level 65-90ng/ml

If you go and check your vitamin D you may well be deficient We all wear sunblock and makeup that blocks vitamin D production these days

We certainly dont make it in the winter.

There isnt enough in the multivits to keep us all fully topped up

solo Wed 30-Sep-09 00:57:13

I was shocked by the wording of a news report on TV on Monday that said something like: 'These children are testing two swine flu vaccines...' TESTING!!!! testing vaccines on children! that should surely have been ' These children are guinea pigs for trials on the swine flu vaccinations'. I was stunned. No, my Dc's will not be guinea pigs for the swine flu jabs.

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