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MMR Booster and preparing DD1 for it

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BakewellTarts Sun 26-Jul-09 20:57:23

Hi I'm looking for advice on what to tell DD1 about her upcoming MMR booster jab. Shes 3.5 so I feel I need to tell her something rather than just taking her for it. Any ideas on how to broach this subject?

amidaiwish Sun 26-Jul-09 21:04:59

i am honest with mine about injections. for the MMR boosters (done last week, DD2 is 4 in october) i just told her that she had to have an injection so that she didn't get ill.
i told her it would hurt for a second like a pinch - and then that would be it. but in return she would get a WHOLE PACKET OF CHOCOLATE BUTTONS to eat. a WHOLE PACKET. she was beside herself with excitement. so my line was - a little pinch and a whole pack of choc buttons, not a bad trade?

that seemed to go down well.

btw the MMR seems to hurt way less than the other jabs including pre-school booster. I remember DD1 was braced ready for it (eating her choc buttons) and the nurse did it and she didn't even notice.

the main thing is don't let them see the needle and when you get in there just hold their arm, tilt their head away and get the nurse to just get on with it.

BakewellTarts Sun 26-Jul-09 21:40:25

My instinct is to be honest with her too...she would like chocolate buttons too...maybe i have a plan smile.

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