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Baby Vaccinations plus travel vaccinations?

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JuniorH Fri 17-Jul-09 14:34:57

Hi everyone

Wasn't sure whether to post in travel or here but here goes...

We're considering traveling to Egypt in October when DD will be 4 months. It will be our last chance to visit a relative who is moving back to the Uk shortly after.

In addition to her baby vaccinations up to and including her 4 month ones she would need Hepatitis A & B and Typhoid, plus she won't have had her MMR (although will probably have single vaccs as DS did).

Will be asking the GP and travel clinic if they are suitable for her and I'm also worried that it will be too much along side all her other jabs! I've never taken a baby that young away before.

Does anyone have any experience or advice? Feel free to tell be it would be daft etc!

We cancelled one trip already as I booked before I found out I was pregnant and would have been 34 weeks when we went Obviously we can live with not going but just weighing up the options and effect on DD!

Thanks! x

ButterbeerAndLemon Fri 17-Jul-09 14:44:06

They won't give Hep A, Hep B or Typhoid under 12 months -- in fact, I think one of them (typhoid?) may be not under 24 months.

Is she going to be exclusively breastfed? If so, the advice is likely to be that as she won't be mobile and won't be consuming any water or things washed in water she should be OK just with you being very careful. If formula fed you'll need to focus on making sure her formula is safe.

However, if she is being exclusively breastfed you run into a different problem in that the vaccines aren't technically licensed for use in breastfeeding women. In practice this tends to lead to weighing up the risks. I went to Beijing when BFing DS and to Mumbai when BFing DD. In the case of Beijing the nurse talked to the drug companies on the phone, and we decided that I would have the Hep A but not the typhoid because where we were staying the typhoid risk was pretty low, but for Mumbai I had them both because the risk was that much greater that I felt it outweighed whatever risk there was for DD in my being vaccinated outside the terms of the licence.

ButterbeerAndLemon Fri 17-Jul-09 14:48:28

(Oh, and in case it wasn't clear, I was travelling with 7mo DS to Beijing and 9mo DD to Mumbai, so took them both unvaccinated, beyond regular vaccinations. DS turned 4 while we were in Mumbai and he had typhoid and hep A (will magically turn into hep B as well after a few months, apparently) before we went, plus I got his pre-school booster and second MMR about a month before those so that he was covered all rounf.

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