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Swine Flu Vaccine

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Sooty7 Thu 16-Jul-09 10:56:07

Message withdrawn

sarah293 Fri 17-Jul-09 14:59:22

Message withdrawn

whatknot Sun 19-Jul-09 22:40:11

Mercola is as usual worth a read... remember that flu vacs tend to have mercury in them ... not sure about this 'new' one but it may have aluminium in it instead which is probably just as bad! up.aspx

TitsalinaBumsquash Sun 19-Jul-09 22:43:34

I have to risk DS, Swine Flue is everyhwere here and DS is top of the at risk list at the moment, he has had all his other jabs, although after some tests before he was diagnosed we found out some of them wernt effective.... hje has the annual flu jab which has always been fine, i just cant risk him catching Swine Flu and getting Pnumonia (sp?) sad its a shit position to be put in tbh.

AcademicMum Sun 19-Jul-09 22:49:17

5 days?????? Are you sure? I heard approx. 2 months of clinical trials but it will be pushed through the regulatory authorities within a week (but this is different to getting the actual clinical trials done which there is no way is logistically possible in 5 days).

whatknot Sun 19-Jul-09 22:50:22

Well... if you do go for the jab be aware it may be just as ineffective as the rest. IT definitely isn't adequately tested.

People tend to innocently believe that jabs = immunity. Not so. Good luck.

PS the company that makes this 'new' vaccine are they who 'accidentally' mixed up bird flu and seasonal flu strains in their lab very recently. Baxter's.

TitsalinaBumsquash Sun 19-Jul-09 22:53:17

Its coming end of Aug isn't it? Well thats what DS's Drs are telling me. We will get him done and hope, thing its always a gamble, if DS gets Swine Flu and it goes to his chest, he might not survive, his chest is pretty battered already.
If he has the jab he might be a bit more protected, then again he might not. Its like Russian Roulette but playing with your childs health, its a sick world.

whatknot Sun 19-Jul-09 22:53:28

Forgot to mention that the manufacturer was granted immunity from liability (by govt) for this vaccination due to 'special circumstances'... so I wouldn't expect much of a serious trial to be carried out now. Best get it out to the masses and get the $$ in... Great business to be in. $$billions to be made at taxpayer's expense and worse, risk to long term health.

whatknot Sun 19-Jul-09 22:54:50

Titsalina - hope it works out for you all!

TitsalinaBumsquash Sun 19-Jul-09 22:55:37

Thanks. We have been lucky so far... heres hoping.

AcademicMum Sun 19-Jul-09 22:57:35

Would agree not adequately tested. The drug dicovery/development process is usually around 10-12 years from start to finish. There are reasons for this, predominantly safety/toxicity etc tests. However, I think in this case its a case of this is the best option we've got.

So far as I know the UK government has its main contract with GlaxoSmithKline, for whom a vaccine is still only a theory yet anyway. On the other hand, Novartis (who have contracts with 30 countries, but not the UK) already have a vaccine ready to be used once WHO give the go-ahead.

TitsalinaBumsquash Sun 19-Jul-09 22:59:19

I guess the thing is with us, and for many other things other than Vaccines, i have to trust our Drs, i really am not in a position not to, they have kept my son alive and have brought him back from the edge once, which is enough, if they tell me "DS should have this vaccine" he will get it, but tbh if they told me "DS will benifit if you run naked round town for an hr each day" i would also do it. grin

Sooty7 Sun 19-Jul-09 23:24:28

Message withdrawn

AcademicMum Sun 19-Jul-09 23:30:04

Sooty7, I'd be interested in your sources for the effects of the last swine flu vaccine. If correct that is worrying.

Sooty7 Sun 19-Jul-09 23:44:31

Message withdrawn

AcademicMum Sun 19-Jul-09 23:52:02

Oh gosh, I'm well aware that the pharmaceutical industry is not infallible. The problem for me is I'm torn between a vaccine which may or may not be OK, the fact I have a ds who is particularly vulnerable and likely not to survive swine-flu if infected and a job where catching swine flu is inevitable at some point sad.

bruffin Sun 19-Jul-09 23:54:18

Mercola is not a good resource. He is a money making concern who makes false claims for his products.

Sooty7 Mon 20-Jul-09 00:05:45

Message withdrawn

AcademicMum Mon 20-Jul-09 00:19:33

Thanks smile. The echinacea is already in house, he has a daily dose of multi-vits, he has iron from the doctors (he's anaemic, which also doesn't help building a strong immune system). I've always been very sceptical about homeopathy, however, but that's something else.

Sooty7 Mon 20-Jul-09 10:44:42

Message withdrawn

minnietheminx007 Mon 20-Jul-09 18:23:05

does anyone know what good homeopathic supplements i can take while breastfeeding that are safe for me and bambino first and will also build up little ones immunity.....i really dont fancy getting this vaccine at all, i just dont trust it.

sarah293 Wed 22-Jul-09 08:58:17

Message withdrawn

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