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Single vacs boosters - are they necessary

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iwearflairs Wed 08-Jul-09 09:02:52

I don't know what to do...

Our DS (5) had single vaccinations (we were worried about the possibility of any adverse reaction whatever) for measles mumps and rubella.

Now it is time for a booster, which I have been delaying. DS has Aspergers and also every kind of allergic reaction you could name. I have no idea whether or not there was a connection to the injections but didn't notice anything remarkable at the time; it wasn't until DS was around 2.5 that I thought he might be on the spectrum.

There is definitely a family history of ASD on both sides and my husbands family are all allergic to various things, indeed I am mildly reactive to bites, dust, hayfever, etc. It was a difficult birth, as well, so it would be hard to say that the measles jab had anything to do with it.

I read on the babyjabs website that single vacs do not require a booster but having spoken to PA at the GP who injected him first time around, he said he does.

Now I am wondering whether the poor lamb needs to go through 3 jabs or whether I should just go for the one-shot MMR.

Does anyone know anything about booster MMR's making things worse for ASD/allergic kids?

Sorry this is a bit rambling!

Mazzymaz Wed 08-Jul-09 16:59:19

Hi, both of mine have had single vaccines. My daughter had her boosters (single as well) but I haven't had my son vaccinated again with the boosters. I've found out about all the other nasties in vaccinations which has put me off (mercury being the worst). I think most kids are protected after the first lot the boosters are just to catch the kids that aren't and it's cheaper than giving all kids a blood test to see if they're immune. That is an option though, you can pay for a private blood test to see if his immunity levels are ok and then if they are you wouldn't need to worry about the boosters anyway. Hope this helps, and this is just my opinion btw.

iwearflairs Wed 08-Jul-09 22:45:03

thanks Mazzymaz, maybe I will try an immunity test

Sooty7 Thu 09-Jul-09 21:26:33

Message withdrawn

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