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Has anyone's DC had a new mole appear in site of injection, if so were there any problems in later life?

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pussface Thu 18-Jun-09 20:46:49

My DD has a large mole at the top of her thigh which appeared after her 4mo vaccination. Her leg was bruised after the injection which then died down and then developed into a 5mm pale brown mole.

I am very upset about this and am getting worried now as she is due her booster tomorrow. I just want some reassurance that DD will be ok perhaps it will fade? Has this happened to anyone else out there?

AnyFucker Thu 18-Jun-09 20:48:46

I have 4 large moles at the site of my old dpt injection in my arm (also a large indentation there)

I am in my 40's and have had no problems, neither do I expect any

Try not to worry

pussface Thu 18-Jun-09 21:01:29

Thanks, I had put it out of my mind it is just because it is her booster tomorrow. I did google it and found no mention so I am assuming its harmless and the hv and docs aren't worried. I'm just upset that it happened.

AnyFucker Thu 18-Jun-09 21:09:33

it may fade, become less noticeable

even if it doesn't, she will be fine

dannij22 Mon 05-Oct-09 17:29:53

Hi this is exactly what has happened with my little girl. She had her 12 week injections, got a bruise then a mole appeared

don't know what it is but she has her 16 week ones tommorow

blowbroth Mon 05-Oct-09 17:59:21

When my dd was born I stupidly agreed to let her trial a new anathestic for babies which was applied before an injection. It was just like a wet wipe used to numb the area before the injection. Anyway, that was all fine and they gave her a jab in her back (she was only 2 days old fgs, what on earth was I thinking) and a mole has developed there. She is 9 years old now and I've always regretted my stupid decision.

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