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Chicken pox and the MMR

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JentlyDoesIt Thu 11-Jun-09 19:10:03


DD (13 months) has had her MMR today. DS had chicken pox last week (scabs still healing)

Got DD out the bath tonight and noticed chicken pox like spots round her nappy area

should I be worried about it coming out on the same day as the MMR - is this likely to affect the effects of the jab or vice versa i.e the jab affecting the symptoms of the chicken pox

Hope this makes sense to someone, and hope there is some advice out there...

Thanks in advance...

TottWriter Fri 12-Jun-09 12:21:21

Nappy rash can look quite a bit like chicken pox - it comes in a huge variety of shapes and hues.

It could be that your DS has just been a little irritated by the jab, and that's bringing out this array of spots. My DS has had all sorts of spots and rashes around his nappy area. If it doesn't clear up by the end of today (ie he's had it over a day,) get it checked out.

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