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Welsh minister wants Vaccination compulsory for school entry in Wales

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elvislives Tue 02-Jun-09 20:31:59

Welsh Health Minister considering making vaccination compulsory for school entry here

Lots of issues they don't seem to have considered here?

mumblechum Tue 02-Jun-09 23:11:37

I think it should be compulsory myself. All that MMR shenanigans has been proved to be completely unfounded.

paisleyleaf Tue 02-Jun-09 23:19:27

They do keep talking about it.
There was a labour MP saying "no jabs no school" last year too.
As much as I felt it right to immunise my own DD
I don't think parents should be coerced into it.

coppertop Tue 02-Jun-09 23:23:19

It doesn't take into consideration those children who are unable to be vaccinated. No vaccine is 100% safe for every single child.

paisleyleaf Tue 02-Jun-09 23:37:56

I would think a doctor's note should should cover such instances.
Although from reading some threads on these boards, it seems some mums have problems convincing their GPs of health issues re I don't know.

Peachy Wed 03-Jun-09 08:48:09

We live in wales, and I am really scared by this.

Its just a copy and paste of what i wrote on another thread, sorry- bit emotional about it as ds4 was due MMR yesterday

I ahve 4 children, 2 are autistic, the yongest is due his MMR this week. he is particualrly high risk for autism (ASD) and we do everything we can no matter how hard for us or tiny a chance to reduce the odds. He has a gluten and dairy free diet (he is dairy intolerant anyway), he is still breastfed, he attends sign language and socialisation groups, and no he won't have the MMR. he will have the single jab, as we realise the importance of herd immunity against measles, but the mumps is nolonger availale so reduces our options. We would give him MMR to protect against mumps at puberty, but until then it's not as huge a risk.

As aprents we have to protect our mental health as well as our son. We already have a low income (have not been able to use my degree as am a carer and my husband is recently redundant). Affecting that will simply plunge us into extreme poverty, and preventing him entering education would prevent me ever from working. Instead, at the very least make parents who already have a child with special needs exempt: I understand the ack of evidence, bt I don't beleive it tkaes much empathy to understand the sheer ear with which we fce such issues. Someone in a medical role or government job who does not have the ability to at least understand if not agree shouldn't be there, in my very honest opinion.

We already live the reality of disability- including pathetically low help levels from authorities and income levels- we have to protect our family in every way we can. A singles jab puts nobody else at risk of anything, so why the focus purely on the MMR?

kitbit Wed 03-Jun-09 09:18:40

While it's not compulsory here in Spain to have the MMR (and other jabs), everyone does, and you are given a very hard time by the docs and your peers if you don't. It's not law that you have to do it, but you will find it difficult to find a school who will accept your child unimmunised. They simply shrug and advise you to apply elsewhere.

I can't see the government forcing the issue, if they make it law and someone has an adverse reaction they will not want to be sued for it.

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