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Help. Having requested vaccinations topic so I could avoid the tossser I now can't block it...

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pagwatch Sat 30-May-09 16:29:08

..can someone remind me how to exclude it from active convos.
(Just back from holiday and already the wankers are getting me down )

pagwatch Sat 30-May-09 16:29:53


can't even spell tossers such is my desire to hide it....

brimfull Sat 30-May-09 16:33:35

click on 'customise'
scroll down and there are options to hide topics

Peachy Mon 01-Jun-09 14:21:19


First time today since holiday on MN and first thing I did was set up the block on this topic- sick of thread that make me feel like a bad person.

pagwatch Mon 01-Jun-09 14:38:38

grin at Peachy
and thanks ggirl smile

My computer keeps crashing. I think it is somehow linked to me blood pressure grin

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