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BigTech (MNHQ) Wed 06-May-09 14:11:09

Welcome to the Vaccinations topic.

InternationalFlight Wed 06-May-09 14:13:39

Ooh thankyou! smile

pagwatch Wed 06-May-09 14:22:56

<<pag does happy dance...>>

thank you mumsnet smile

silverfrog Wed 06-May-09 16:09:33

good stuff.

thank you smile

2shoes Wed 06-May-09 17:12:59

just wanted to wish the new topic well

kittywise Wed 06-May-09 20:47:29

great, thanks smile

lisalisa Wed 06-May-09 21:08:06

This is going to be a pretty controversial one......!!!

zanz1bar Wed 06-May-09 22:00:12

S pleased you have your own topic, just hope it doesn't become one sided.
i'm pro btw.

perfectmummy Tue 12-May-09 13:28:17

loving this. would be keen to hear everyones thoughts on the big "yes" or "no" debate!

TheBreastmilksOnMe Thu 14-May-09 08:34:10

OK. MMR. It's probably been done to death but I'd like to hear some of your opinions please. DS is due his in october and i'm really nervous about it as I've read some articles online and can't seem to reassure myself of its safety. I mean Tony Blair didn't get his youngest son done so what does he know that we don't? The truth that it's a dangerous vaccine and that to let the general public know of the real risks would cause huge mistrust, an explosion in the diseases that it's trying to prevent upset vested interests of certain drugs companies.

It clearly states 'autism' as a possible side effect amongst a loooong list of other nasty contra-indications of the MMR vacciation.

The individual vacines are expensive and are down miles and miles away from where we live. It feels so unfair that we don't have proper options.

I'd like to hear your views please. Not getting him vaccinated isn't really an option.

sarah293 Thu 14-May-09 08:45:29

Message withdrawn

Peachy Thu 14-May-09 08:48:01


I thought we didnt know if Leo Blair was done?

ASD is thought by some to be a risk for a very tiny subset of the population, those with compromising bowel conditions usually evident through auto immune disorders, that sort of thing. We're in that group and also ahve 2 asd kids so ds4 wont be vaccinated however I think its far mroe complex than you are indicating and your knowledge seems quite superficial, either that or you have a massive agenda?

Separate vaccines are expensive but if non vaccination is not an option you have to take one of the toehr don't you? if we could afford single ATM we would jump like a shot, no question.

I am 'hoping' (on balance not through cruelty!) ds4 actualy gets measles and mumps young as the worst case scenario is to push those diseases into an adolecscent population where vaccines ahve possibly worn off and the damage risk due to mumps is more severe.

Fillyjonk Thu 14-May-09 08:58:46

leo blair was vaccinated

researched this to death before each of mine had jabs

personally think for healthy kids with no contrindications mmr is fine and safer than risking measles. Singles are actually much less tested (making a combined vaccine isn;t as simple as bunging them all in a test tube and shaking it!). Risks of side effects are very very low, your child really would be at much more risk from the additional car journeys you'd presumably take to get the singles done.

TheBreastmilksOnMe Thu 14-May-09 09:00:03

Tony Blair got found out. I don't know if that means Leo got the seperate vaccines though. Such a hypocrite.

NO adgenda but my knowledge is superficial which is exactly the reason I've come on here. I want to find out more. So far, I don't like what I'm hearing.

I can't beleive that you want your DS to get these viruses. What about the risks?

Fillyjonk Thu 14-May-09 09:00:14

(sorry peachy post not aimed at you, think I'd do exactly the same in your situation)

What always really does worry me is that surely a child who reacts badly to the MMR also has a good chance of reacting really badly to actually catching the dieseases?

Fillyjonk Thu 14-May-09 09:02:20

Cherie Blair:

"Over the years I had listened to their side of the argument and, it's fair to say, I was in two minds. I did get Leo vaccinated, not least because it's irresponsible not to - there's absolutely no doubt that the incidence of disease goes up if vaccinations go down - and he was given his MMR jab within the recommended time-frame. I was adamant, however, that I would not give the press chapter and verse."

Unless she is actually lying-and I suspect if she were it would have come out by now-I think that is fairly clear.

OlympedeGouges Thu 14-May-09 09:04:51

Oh gawd. There are countless MMR threads on here thebreastmilksonme do a search. smile MMR safe for the majority but may not be safe for small percentage of population - those with severe gut disorders, auto immune family history and mitochondrial disorders. More research required.

This topic only been open 5 mins and already i can see the same old MMR debate coming on. sad
If this topic is to work we really need an established links page to save people's sanity time.

TheBreastmilksOnMe Thu 14-May-09 09:07:10

but she doesn't state whether it was the triple or individual fillyjonk.

TheBreastmilksOnMe Thu 14-May-09 09:10:35

this is what the topic is for olympede, it really annoys me when people say to look at previous threads- of course subjects go round and round that's what keeps mumsnet alive. everything has been done before. but i want peoples opinions here and now as well as using info from previous threads.

MarlaSinger Thu 14-May-09 09:12:06

TBOM when you say 'due' in October what do you mean? That he will be 13 months? You can give the MMR at any age if you'd rather wait until he is older, been through more development milestones etc?

My DS was 13 months last November and has not had the MMR (yet??)

I had decided to go for singles and also to wait a while - well I have waited a while and I am beginning to lean towards the MMR again...

I feel annoyed, angry even, that no one can tell me if my son is safe or not, and it was that tiny bit of doubt that was making me go for singles... but when asked by a friend (in conversation, not aggressively!) what I was worried about I ended up saying that I don't really know...

Also there is a shortage of mumps single vaccines at the moment, though that apparently won't last... it's still something to bear in mind.

I hope I don't sound cocky but the cost and travelling are inconsequential to me because this is about my DS, so I am left where I was 6 months ago when I first got his appointment letter throught - confused as hell.

I am not even sure if it is about risk as such for me - there is nothing in the family that would be a red flag as far as I am aware except an aunt with lupus which I think is a tenuous link to my DS, but it comes down to doubt. Just a frown, a feeling of uncertainty.

OlympedeGouges Thu 14-May-09 09:16:45

oh Breastmilk you have no idea how much time and energy people have put into these exhausting debates. I dn'tquite understand what is so difficult about dearching, and as far as I am aware, this topic was not for endless rehashes of the MMR debate.

OlympedeGouges Thu 14-May-09 09:17:14

searching not dearching!

MarlaSinger Thu 14-May-09 09:19:50

She's already said she wants peoples opinions 'here and now' - is that hard to understand?

TheBreastmilksOnMe Thu 14-May-09 09:21:58

if this thread isn't for discussing vaccines then what is it for olympede? I don't see a warning at the top of the topic saying 'Not for discussion of the MMR vaccine, go elsewhere' Just like you Marla I am as confused as hell and mistrustful of the information around me. I'm hoping to make a bit more of an informed choice somehow. My health visitor told me that Leo Blair hadn't had the MMR.

OlympedeGouges Thu 14-May-09 09:22:59

Yes it is when the same debate occurs monthly through the site and the last one was foul. And when certain posters give so much time and energy on the subject which is so easily accessible by searching. But hey, don't mind me. I hope those people can be bothered to do it all again for you.

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