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Year 9 Immunisations

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Karen2603 Sat 10-Feb-18 14:06:04

My Year 9 son has brought home the forms for Tetanus diphtheria polio and meningococcal immunisations, he is currently taking Doxycycline for acne, will he need to stop taking these, does anyone know please?

lljkk Sat 10-Feb-18 14:15:11

I never heard of there being a reason to stop the spot drug.. .can't find any thing about it on Google, either. There's usually a number you can ring on the forms to ask that kind of question.

squirrel76 Sat 10-Feb-18 14:21:24

No he won't need to stop taking them, there should be a space on the form to list medications being taken too

nbroots Sat 10-Feb-18 14:35:08

Here is the medical product sheet for Doxycycline. Hope that helps.

Lots of parents around the world have reported adverse reactions in their children after vaccination who were on antibiotics. That, of course, is just a coincidence in the opinions of pro-vaxxers, but just thought I'd share that with you. I would stop them for a while as a precaution but that's just me. However, It can take a long time to recover your microbiome after AB's. Could you delay the vaccines for a while so your son can build his immune system up again?

Karen2603 Sat 10-Feb-18 15:06:59

Thank you all, I will double check with GP on Monday, just wondered if anyone on here had had a similar experience! Will probably just stop the antibiotics any way as his skin is almost clear now! smile

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