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Can you get the Whooping Cough vaccine twice in close succession?

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Trace1985 Thu 14-Dec-17 00:31:37

Hi there, i am 30 weeks pregnant and just today went and got my whooping cough vaccine, when it was being administered however alot of the liquid just ran down my arm, I have a very low pain thresh hold and well it was being injected it didn't sting at all which i suspect and was told by the nurse that it should of, i worry that the needle wasn't attached correctly and that none or very little of the vaccine was actually injected into my system and with the epidemic going around at present really don't want to take the risk. I did question the nurse and she said it went in but i'm not so sure. Can i get it again in the coming week and if so what if some of today's vaccine was administered what risks does it pose having it again straight away? or should i just leave it, id hate for something to happen and baby to contract it. thanks everyone

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