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user1465146157 Wed 12-Jul-17 00:36:51

When my daughter was born the hv said make sure to look out for a letter arranging her bcg vaccine. She said they only come once and I mustn't miss it

It hasn't come - I've called the clinic and most times get no answer but last time we spoke they said it would come but I should wait as there is a long list and it won't be soon.

How long should I wait?

When should she have this by and how urgent is it?

Before 12 months?

Worried that she's missed out - they were very blasé on the phone


Mittens92 Sun 27-Aug-17 00:19:55

They offered it for my baby as well but I declined it but you can have it at any time usually. I would give your HV a ring to see if she can arrange it for you.

Mumchatting Wed 11-Oct-17 00:05:45

Hi, I was told the NHS now has BCG available again and to request the referal from the GP. I requested it about 2 months ago and I'm still waiting. My DD is 8 months already.

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