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Want to space out vaccinations. Which one should be done first?

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Jupitertomars Tue 27-Jun-17 18:56:54

DTAP/ipv/hib or Pneumo

I know these are routinely given together but due to development issues my daughter is having I delayed these.
She had her first set on schedule and together as recommend but going forwards I want to space her next ones out. Im just unsure as to what one to get first.

I was thinking initially the dtap/ipv/hib as that covers more illnesses but iv been told that pneumo is riskier to delay.

I will get the next one in 4 weeks time.

Please no hate, im desperate to get her protected but she had a very sudden and severe delay in her development which coincided with her last immunisations and therefore im proceeding with caution.

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