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Measles in Europe -- Early Vaccination?

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LambChopsMcGee Wed 05-Apr-17 17:36:46

Hi all,

I am seeing the nurse about this this week but wondered if anyone had experience of it.

My DD is about 7 months. We are travelling to Berlin and Sicily in May (from London, where we live) and I know both Germany and Italy are experiencing a measles outbreak.

I wondered if anyone had had their DCs vaccinated early against measles? Separate measles vaccine or MMR etc? Or if anyone had spoken to doctors, nurses etc about it.


LambChopsMcGee Thu 06-Apr-17 12:40:11

Just to update in case anyone finds this thread cos they are looking for advice:

DD has just been given MMR, early, as we are travelling to an area with a measles outbreak. Nurse said it was up to me. They'd not give it before 6mo, and she will still have to have the regular dose at 12mo and...3 years or whatever it is.

I love the NHS.

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