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Few questions about babies 1st vaccines

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BibbidiBobbidi Thu 30-Jun-16 18:05:38

Hi all.

My DD had her first vaccines this afternoon at 3:30 and has pretty much been asleep ever since.

I've given her calpol and will wake her for her next dose when it's due if she's still asleep.

What I would like to know is..

1. How long shall I let her sleep before waking her for a feed or shall I let her sleep as long as she wants to?

2. What shall I put her in to sleep tonight? She's been sleeping in a baby grow with her blanket recently because it's been fairly cool but I'm not sure whether to just put her in a vest and blanket in case she gets a temperature? I can always take the blanket off.

And 3. Should I bath her as normal? (If she's awake)


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