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BCG reaction after 2 days - should I be worried?

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blueberrymuffin14 Thu 19-May-16 23:38:27

Just wondering if anyone else had the same experience? We live in London which is considered a high risk area for TB so my dd had her jab at 9 months (should have been at birth but it wasn't available then because there's a shortage of vaccine apparently). A lot of friends' babies had had their BCGs earlier and all followed the "usual" pattern of getting a spot/ulcer at the injection site 6-8 weeks later. This is also what the NHS booklet told me I should expect.

However my dd had hers come up after 2 days. It formed a blister, oozed a bit and now 2 weeks later seems to be healing fine (it's still a scab but smaller and dry). I took her to the doc because I was worried that it might be infected - more because of the timing, it didn't look particularly nasty - and they said it was fine but didn't really comment on the fact that the reaction had come up so quickly.

I've been googling and haven't really found anything useful except for one article that said that a reaction after 2 days can mean that she's already got TB?! So obviously I'm now panicking! I'd love to hear from anyone who's had a similar experience and what the outcome was... Thanks

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