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8 week vaccinations

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Maybug12 Sat 14-May-16 09:05:26

My baby had his 8 week vaccinations Yesterday. He had all the routine ones except for rota virus which I declined. I did ask if he could have all the injections at separate times but they assured me it was okay to do it like this, men b may give a fever but most likely he will be fine.
Well I wish I had listened to my gut instinct. 3 Hours pass and my baby is screaming in agony, it took me an hour to sooth him at least and whenever I moved him he woukd scream again. He did not have a temperature which is what I was told he would have but he was obviously feeling very unwell . He has such a naturally happy disposition I have never ever heard him cry like this before. It was absolutely heart breaking. Not only this but he would not / could not sleep. His bottom lip was constantly quivering, and every time he would finally drift off he would startle himself awake about 3 - 5 minutes later. I could not pick him up or move him around because his body was obviously hurting him. I gave calpol as advised and had to go and get ibuprofen at midnight on advice from the doctor in the hope this would finally send him off to sleep. He fell asleep on my partner at 2 this morning.
He slept though until 7 when I then gave
him his bottle - still making uncomfortable grizzly 'I'm not well' noises and went on to projectile vomit the whole thing up which he has never done before sad he's now currently asleep again but making wimpering noises and grimacing in his sleep. I'll try give him another bottle when he wakes.
So awful to see my baby like this when I know I inflicted it upon him. I'm going to ask to have each jab done separately next time and see how he reacts. I really feel they have far too much put into their little bodies at once. Seems crazy.
Has anyone else little ones had a bad or similar reaction to their first set of jabs? Doing my research before hand I just read that their babies slept for hours after but other than that they were fine....

Marsquared Sat 04-Jun-16 12:08:20

So sorry to hear your little one had had a bad reaction. How is he now?

I agree it's too much for them at once. I delayed and gave the first two seperately to
My DS but he still reacted badly to the second one and we decided not to do any further ones. We know another little one who has never fully recovered from their DTAP sad injection.

As your DS has also reacted badly it's worth considering spacing them out, delaying or even judging which one he def needs. I think giving them all at once is a time saving, money saving thing and is not best for their little bodies. Too much to deal with.

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