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5 in 1 vaccine alternative - help!

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Bells2307 Wed 23-Mar-16 13:33:21

Hi All,
I wrote on here at 24 weeks as I couldn't have the whooping cough vaccine due to being allergic to the tetanus element. I am now 35 weeks and still trying to sort vaccinations for when little one arrives. I've been told that the tetanus vaccine is included in the 5 in 1 vaccine and so there may be a problem giving baby the vaccine. The HPA are currently looking into it for me to see if there's any test they can do. As stated before I'm pro vaccine but really worried if I've passed on this allergy. The HPA advice at the moment is to let the baby have the vaccine but have nurses/doctors prepared for an anaphylaxis reaction and to be done at hospital! The more I think about this the more I'm starting to get worried. The doctor I spoke to said I shouldn't worry and people normally only die because they are alone and my baby will have doctors/nurses there! When I was a child, these vaccines were done separately eg polio on a sugar cube; but I've been told this is no longer an option. Can anyone suggest any alternative or if there's someone else I can contact for help or an opinion?

bumbleymummy Thu 24-Mar-16 11:21:05

You can get most of the vaccines in singles or in smaller combinations privately but you do have to pay for them. You could try looking at to see what options are available.

The polio vaccine that was given on the sugar cube was the live polio vaccine which isn't used in the UK anymore - it's the Inactivated polio vaccine that we use now.

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