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Immunologists?Should we give live vaccines?

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MoreSnowPlease Wed 17-Feb-16 23:19:58

Ds1 has been in and out of hospital with wheezing for as long as I can remember he's 3 now. He hasn't had MMR yet and I'm also thinking about doing MenB.

With the wheezing he had been on steroids with each visit to hospital. I have looked at the green book and this part worries me:

"patients receiving systemic high-dose steroids, until at least three months
after treatment has stopped. This would include children who receive
prednisolone, orally or rectally, at a daily dose (or its equivalent) of 2mg/
kg/day for at least one week, or 1mg/kg/day for one month. For adults,
an equivalent dose is harder to define but immunosuppression should be
considered in those who receive at least 40mg of prednisolone per day
for more than one week. Occasionally, individuals on lower doses of
steroids may be immunosuppressed and at increased risk from
infections. In those cases, live vaccines should be considered with
caution, in discussion with a relevant specialist physician"

Steroids haven't been for a week but 3 days each time.

He catches everything and goes downhill heavily with just a mild cold.

He's just had flu and complications from it for 3 weeks. Wheezing, major hives all over, toxic synovitis not just in hips but all over body, completely immobile and in agony, even the presence of water droplets on his skin produced very clear hives where the water was.

Obviously his immune system went into overdrive, I'm worried something similar will happen with the live vaccines but I'm also worried not having them puts him really at risk considering the state he was in after having flu!

GP no help, is it worth getting a private referral and where to in terms of specialism? Would this be considered a risk?

MoreSnowPlease Thu 18-Feb-16 16:10:20


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