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2 month old sleeps restless after vaccination

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stellak9 Sun 14-Feb-16 13:39:08

Three days ago I took my 11 week old son for his 2 month vaccination and since then he's very restless at sleep. For his night sleep, Ι breastfeed him, he sleeps, Ι hold him for 30 minutes until he's deeply asleep and put him in his basket. Worked like a charm. The last 3 nights, same routine, as soon as I put him down he starts moving and moving till he wakes himself. He had to sleep on me all these nights, it's like his sleep was mainly light and rarely deep. Is it possible that his vaccination affected his sleep? Has any other parent experienced something similar?

CarrieLouise25 Fri 22-Apr-16 22:46:40

Going through this now sad

Just had 8 week jabs. Not himself at all. We had such a lovely routine of sleep. Now he's hardly sleeping, and when he does, it doesn't last long.

Hopefully it will pass (until the next lot!) smile

stellak9 Sat 23-Apr-16 05:24:47

It's been a long since my post, just to let you know that it took 4-5 days to get back to normal.

CarrieLouise25 Sat 23-Apr-16 12:10:31

Thanks Stella...just noticed the date! Lets put that down to a lack of sleep...grin

stellak9 Sat 23-Apr-16 12:29:38

Ah sleep, I remember that!
There's always something to blame, vaccination, leap 4, 4th month sleep regression and now leap 5.

I feel you sleepless mommy!
Hang in there!
And drink caffeine!

CarrieLouise25 Sat 23-Apr-16 12:51:00

DH has just taken DS2 and he's asleep on him now. I can't decide what to do between a) showering because I smell of baby sick b) having a nap

Neither most likely because I'm still on MN and DD wants me to play with her. Hmmm. Clock is ticking until the next feed!!

Thank god for caffeine and alcohol...

Day time beverages: brewbrewbrewbrewbrew
Evening beverages: winewinewinewinewine

(being careful not to mix the two up...)

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