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rotavirus vaccine

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NotSoFancyNancy Thu 04-Feb-16 11:55:40

Have moved abroad since dc1 and dc2 born.
Dc2(2.8yr)had rotavirus vaccine and has never picked up a tummy bug/virus whereas dc1(4.11yr) who was not vaccinated has picked up quite a few and kindly passed 1 or 2 onto us aswell.
It is not a routine vaccine where we are. When I asked practice nurse at large progressive GP practice for dc3(6 wks)she said it was the first time anyone had asked for it. She rang the pharmacy who can get it but she will need permission from GP to administer it.
She did not seem to think it was worthwhile.
I'm now unsure what to do. Dc3 is ebf and will be bf until past 1yr and is unlikely to go to nursery.
Any advice appreciated!

NotSoFancyNancy Thu 04-Feb-16 16:34:59


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