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To anyone who has had single measles jab

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mamatime14 Tue 17-Nov-15 15:49:25

Hi there

I just want a little advice from anyone who has had the single measles vaccination please.

We are trying to decide between Rouvax and M-Vac but can't find much online about which would be better of the two. Has anyone come across which one is safer / more widely used? It feels like less and less people are going for single measles vaccination now, so I am worried, especially as Rouvax is being discontinued.

Has anyone given a single measles vaccination at 12/13 months and then the MMR at preschool age? (This is what we are planning to do due to personal circumstance).

Thanks in advance for your help & advice! The clinics offering them haven't been that helpful as they say both are fine which doesn't really answer my questions.

Mamatime xx

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