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Chickenpox Vaccine for adults

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YBR Tue 12-May-15 15:00:26

I live in the UK and have 2DDs (18mo and 3.5yrs)

DD1 recently had a spotty rash which turned out not to be Chicken Pox, and as a result my DM mentioned that I never had Chicken Pox as a child. She went on a bit about how CPox can be severe in adults and I should have the Shingles Vaccine hmm.

I know there is a CPox vaccine, although it's not routine in this country. Has anyone had the CPox vaccine as an adult, and is it available on the NHS?
It's only to avoid potential complications, and because if I've not CPox yet, and the DDs get it, then I do that's a lot of time off work.

Artistic Tue 12-May-15 15:09:26

I had it when I was 30 just before I tried to have DD1. It was done in another country so I don't know about UK but I believe it's privately available. My DH has never had CP either so he got vaccinated too. To be on the safe side we got DD1 vaccinated at the earliest age it was permitted. Now waiting for DD2 to be old enough for it.

CP as an adult is quite bad.definitely get vaccinated!

LomaLinda77 Tue 12-May-15 15:14:50

I haven't had it as an adult and I don't know if it's available on the NHS. You could certainly track it down privately though. I would begin by discussing it with your GP.

I do know someone who caught it as an adult and she was horribly ill. You should definitely look into getting the vaccine. Not only would it mean an awful lot of time off work if you get it, but you could well be too sick to care for the DDs at all.

In addition, not that you are planning any more DCs (I would have no idea), chicken pox can be dangerous if you catch it when pregnant. So if you are planning on having any more in the future then DEFINITELY get vaccinated.

bumbleymummy Sat 16-May-15 20:45:21

Yes, it's usually worse as an adult so if you haven't had it then it is worth looking into seeing as you're very likely to be exposed soon through your DC. Are you absolutely sure you haven't had it though? Maybe worth having a blood test to check? You can chat to your GP about it. Good luck!

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