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inoculations and Bali!

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silverhilary Wed 02-Jul-14 22:11:38

Has anyone been to the Far East with kids recently? Whether we have inoculations or not is up to us, and we'd much rather not if possible! Diptheria, polio, hep A and typhoid. Any advice very welcome!

CatherinaJTV Sun 06-Jul-14 12:14:29

Diphtheria and polio are in the 5 in 1 and also in the school booster, don't know how old your kids are, but they should be set for these, unless they haven't been vaccinated before. There is a combination shot for hepA and Typhoid and one is good for the trip, as far as I know.

itfcbabe Fri 03-Apr-15 08:46:46

Have you thought about rabies as well just in case, never crossed my mind till i started working in a travel clinic

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