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Opinions on the American system regarding unvaccinated children and school exclusion?

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Jacksgirl Fri 20-Jun-14 19:50:55

Most states in America have a policy that unvaccinated children are not allowed in the public school system, to prevent outbreaks occurring and to protect those children who cannot be vaccinated and deserve to be schooled in a safe environment. What would people think if this was proposed for the UK?.... (holds breath!)..

bumbleymummy Sun 22-Jun-14 21:38:08

It's been discussed before and most people do seem to disagree with it even if they choose to vaccinate their own children. Seems strange to try to 'protect' vaccinated children from unvaccinated children by exclusion - shouldn't the vaccine be doing that job? Also, the 'cannot be vaccinated' group surely fall into the unvaccinated category. Aren't they considered capable of causing outbreaks?

CatherinaJTV Mon 23-Jun-14 09:24:19

I am against a vaccine mandate, although I do see the need to protect those kids who are too young or too ill to be vaccinated. I think money and effort should go into education rather than mandates.

sashh Thu 26-Jun-14 07:36:19

I think it is more complex than it first seems.

In the US vaccines cost money. If you look at the number of vaccinated children it is much lower then the UK in children under school age. (I think not looked at the stats).

There are exceptions to the rule, obviously children who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and I believe there is an exemption for religious reasons too.

vvviola Thu 26-Jun-14 07:39:58

I did a bit of (admittedly brief) research into this for a health ethics course I was taking, and it seems that in the states that enforce this (not all states?) it's actually relatively easy to get an exemption on moral/religious grounds, so those who would choose not to vaccinate in the UK could (with the right help) just as easily not vaccinate under a US system.

lettertoherms Thu 26-Jun-14 07:42:13

Parents sign a waiver that they decline due to their beliefs, they still get to go to school. There are doctor exemptions as well.

Personally I'm pro-vaccine and agree it should be encouraged by the schools.

If you cannot afford the vaccines, children can get them free.

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