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New peer-reviewed paper on vaccine induced immune overload

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MexicanSpringtime Wed 14-May-14 01:49:18

meditrina Wed 14-May-14 10:56:03

The actual paper is here

It discusses the theory, but does not make a link to vaccines as the causative factor in the increase of any of these conditions.

CatherinaJTV Wed 14-May-14 18:33:20

Thank you for the link Meditrina - it is Barthelow Classen of Classen Immunotherapies, who actually hinders vaccine safety research by suing pharmaceutical companies for infringing on his frivolous patents (1), writing in a "pay a fee to get published" OMICS journal (2). I am not impressed.

(1) Nature on Classen Patent trolls target biotechnology firms

(2) OMICS Journal Group Pay per Paper

sashh Fri 16-May-14 07:12:27

Where is the peer review?

And what about things like obesity? If an obese child develops type 2 diabetes is that more likely to be because they are vaccinated or because they are obese?

If they then lose weight and their diabetes virtually disappeared is that because of the vaccine?

What scientist writing a paper says. 'it is a known fact'?

callamia Fri 16-May-14 12:00:41

I don't know who reviewed this, but having nine if the first 13 references being self-citations certainly makes me feel concerned.

Clearly this author has an agenda to push - and that's not necessarily a bad thing - but I'm not sure that this reliance on own published work is a good indicator of evidence-based science. For sure, in the first paragraph alone there are incidences of statements that have no reference, for which I would definitely expect one or more. Basically, if this was scourge of undergrad work, regardless of its message, it'd be looking at a lower second. I'd expect far more from a career scientist. With this in mind, it's hard to take it seriously.

Rosewind Sat 17-May-14 16:02:46

I think the author might be described as having an agenda:
The wikipedia page has links to things like this fact sheet from NCIRS:
To quote:
“Do vaccines cause diabetes?
No, there is no evidence that vaccines cause diabetes. There have been a number of studies which have searched for links between diabetes and immunisations. The only studies suggesting a possible increase in risk have come from Dr John B Classen. “


HermioneWeasley Sat 17-May-14 16:09:56

Thank Darwin for MNetters who tirelessly step into the anti vax threads to point out the "research" and "evidence" is dubious at best. People might be influenced by this nonsense otherwise.

callamia Sat 17-May-14 18:13:01

Rosewind, I figured as much...
I'm happy for vaccines to be considered with a critical and scientific mind. This chap appears to have neither.

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