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Whooping cough vaccine

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stargirl1701 Thu 17-Apr-14 12:04:37

I gave birth to DD in Sept 2012 which was at the height of the whooping cough epidemic. Locally, 2 babies under 8 weeks were in ICU with whooping cough.

I was offered, and accepted, the whooping cough vaccination 3 weeks post birth. This was late Sept 2012.

I am due DC2 in Aug 2014. This is 23 months after I had the whooping cough vaccination. Do I need to have it again?

I have asked at the hospital, I have asked my midwife and I have asked my GP. No- one seems to know. I am waiting on the Practice Nurse at my GP Surgery getting back to me as the hospital suggested she might know.

What do you think?

CatherinaJTV Thu 17-Apr-14 18:52:17

The Americans say yes - I think you might feel really crappy after a second shot so shortly after the first, but the benefit for the baby would be higher if you had a second...

CatherinaJTV Thu 17-Apr-14 18:58:39

sorry forgot link:

stargirl1701 Thu 17-Apr-14 19:54:54

Oh good grin Crappy gringrin

I'll show the link to my midwife. Many thanks for the info.

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