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Pre-school boosters - any advice on getting thru it???

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PiratePanda Wed 09-Apr-14 18:30:24

DS 3.9 is due to have his pre-school booster jabs tomorrow. He's pretty feisty when he doesn't want to do something - both me and DH have to be there to hold him in the chair when he gets his hair cut. He was fine with previous jabs and he's had blood taken a couple of times too...but he was younger then and not so strong and wriggly.

ANY advice on how to get him through his jabs profoundly appreciated! (On the upside he's a brave boy when it comes to physical pain.)

blackteaplease Wed 09-Apr-14 18:34:03

I told dd she had to have them to keep her healthy, that they would hurt a little bit and i had chocolate buttons on standby to whip out immediately.

It wasn't as bad as i expected. Hope your ds is ok tomorrow.

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