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Anyone delayed mmr till child older?

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PJ67 Sun 09-Mar-14 10:01:27

Hi. I have a 4 yr old and a 7 yr old who haven't had the mmr yet as I have been a bit worried due to my older son having a reaction when he got his as a toddler. I'm aware of the debate so not wanting to start up anything but just wondered if the side effects are likely to be any different in an older child. Has anone delayed them and how did they get on?

trixymalixy Sun 09-Mar-14 10:07:01

I delayed it for both of mine as they are both allergic to egg. They both had it and the booster aged 4 as I wanted it done before they went to school. They both got on fine.

I'm sure they would have been fine anyway, but injecting them with something they may react to when they were so small just didn't sit right with me. As it was they had both outgrown egg allergy to the extent that baked egg was fine for them although raw egg still makes them both vomit, so I felt more comfortable with giving them the MMR.

bumbleymummy Sun 09-Mar-14 22:03:57

DN was given the MMR later for the same reason as trixy's children - egg allergy. No bad reaction to it at age 4.

Sneezecakesmum Mon 24-Mar-14 20:28:48

Our gp said the egg allergy thing was not relevant as it's something to do with growing in the egg and the egg is not injected iyswim? Sorry bit tired and forgot the explanation!

Raxacoricofallapatorius Mon 24-Mar-14 20:34:02

DD had it much later, had single measles vax at 19 months and the MMR at 5. She was fine.

Dniece2 had it at 4 after her big sister reacted badly and she had moderate reactions to her baby jabs. Sadly, she reacted badly but it was done in hospital due to previous reactions so she was treated quickly. Interestingly, she is allergic to egg amongst other things.

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