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Dd aged 14 not had mmr but had singles, NHS records show she had mmr ...

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QOD Thu 24-Oct-13 20:59:18

Just wondered if anyone has had this?
Just got a request for permission for her school leavers last dose of tetanus polio diphtheria and it has all her vaccinations dates and batch no etc on it
However it states clearly that she had her MMR aged 5!!

She did NOT.

I am loath to bring it up with her dr in case they start kicking off about it. I was with a different surgery back then and they were supportive of decision to single dose due to cousins severe disabilities following mmr and chicken pox exposure.

I kind of feel I should let sleeping dogs lie, I do have all the paperwork concerning the measles and rubella and when she approaches baby making I guess we will get her checked for rubella immunity just incase.

casacastille Thu 24-Oct-13 21:28:44

It really doesn't matter. They probably just don't have a box to tick for single vaccines.

OverMyDeadQODdy Thu 24-Oct-13 21:56:06


Probably got the surgery paid too ...

I remember when I had told Dr that I'd had results of infertility tests and was infertile, they asked me to sign a form confirming they'd discussed contraception with me as they needed it for their figures ...

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